green coffee 60cpsgreen coffee 30 FPSIngredients/Capsule: extract from the seeds of Coffee-green (Coffee Arabica), 50% chlorogenic acid-300 mg gelatin (capsule)
-green coffee is a powerful antioxidant which helps to eliminate free radicals from the body.
chlorogenic acid content contributes to a normal energy metabolism, offering the advantage of maintaining an enviable figures.

1 x 2 capsules a day, morning and noon before meals.

Only for adults (over 18 years)
Contraindicated for persons with chronic diseases.
Not to manage pregnant women or nursing.

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  1. Oros idem
    Oros idem says:

    Please tell me which one is the mode of Administration: 2 pills at lunch and Kabeer m. akabir or one in the morning and at lunch?

  2. Maria
    Maria says:

    Please tell sami taking a saptana nam sclabit I don't eat bread 68 kg at all don't know if no use taking please reply sami

    • ProNatura
      ProNatura says:

      Green Coffee was the product of the year 2015 because it has yielded and was the most sold. This product brag "with up to 8 POUNDS IN a month, MINUS WORKS fast, PROVEN EFFECTS, powerful FAT BURNER, ACTUALLY REDUCES appetite, without DRASTIC DIETS.
      We want to weight loss, what is most important is to know the body, what better assimilate and we feel better. (for help in asimililarea food is and movement).

      At present, green coffee beans are the most effective weapon against obesity. Chlorogenic acid, the main ingredient of green coffee extract is a powerful natural antioxidant that inhibits secretion of G6P enzyme, responsible for regulating blood sugar levels (supplement is recommended as a consequence and diabetics), leading to a significant decrease in body weight. You can lose up to 8 kilograms per month, without changing your eating habits without adverse effects.

      If to you. green coffee doesn't give results and the body does not assimilate the product, you should try another diet ... with chromium, with tropical fruits or with acai. (slimming products here). I ask you to read and about the Lord's diet doctor Ike Majid to obtain maximum benefit from eating (including in the healing process). by here


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