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Let's talk a bit about her origins and Kombucha!

What is the secret healing power of this remedy?

What is Kombucha?

Conform studiilor desfăşurate, cu toţii ştim că această cultură
de kombucha conţine prebiotice, probiotice şi postbiotice.

Actually it is covărşitoare in the health,
what justifies the designation of millennial fungus gods.

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Let's talk a little about her origins and Kombucha!

PROnatura site helps:

  • to be confident in taking care of our health and family.
  • to be independent and to save money.
  • with information about the diet and how it helps in preserving health (which are both internal factors or external pathogens-that should be minimizing, as well as the body's defense system-which should be stressed).
  • to have a healthy pregnancy.
  • to protect and to treat pathologies with large impact on population: obesity, heart disease and hypertension, Dyslipidemia (increase of cholesterol, triglycerides, total lipids), diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, fighting free radicals and inflamatilor (factors that are sure to generate multiple diseases).
  • to maintain normal intestinal flora in its parameters (probiotics and Prebiotics), what cause besides combating digestive diseases and transit disorders (diarrhea, constipation), increasing immunity, absorption of nutrients and vitamins, enzymes. By forming a multitude of metabolites (postbiotice) microbial flora is involved in physical and mental disorders of the human body. This flora has been affected by humans: birth Cesarean, artificial diet of newly born, foods and beverages containing colorants, preservatives and cosmetics so "natural" (due to the composition of a multitude of ingredients of synthesis), but mostly as a result of abuse of vaccinations, antibiotics, chemotherapy, irradiation (made for diagnosis or treatment), harmful electromagnetic fields, etc. Do not forget that the human body's flora saprofita (situated 80% in the colon) represents 7% of the weight of the human body, and from the point of view of the genetic wealth is „n” times larger than the human genome. This overwhelming involvement of flora in the preservation of health is reflected at the level of the living world (humans, animals, plants) of which we are going to become increasingly more aware, as a result of numerous studies done in human medicine, veterinary and plant protection treatments. At present, 35 percent of the new medicines are obtained through biotechnology involving bacteria.
  • maintain a normal bowel flowers, representing one of the most effective means of prevention. Let's not forget that in traditional Chinese medicine there is the saying: "master prevents illnesses, and regular doctor treats them" or "the doctor is paid by the community as long as you maintain the health of it, and in case of illness is obliged to provide free treatment". Thinking it a magnificent Health Ministries and suggest insurance Houses worldwide.

Doctor in Medical Sciences
President Ionut Moraru

About us

  • Medica Group is a well-known international brand on the Romanian market since 1992, consisting of 3 prestigious companies: Medica Medica Laboratories and Disease, ProNatura, whose founder is Ionut Moraru with PhD in medical sciences.
  • Promotional campaign of over 1200 innovative supplements from around the country and abroad, has brought about a rapid development of our activity and recognized prestige 42 international medals.
  • Since its inception, Medica Group consolidated its presence on the local pharmaceutical market through a strong presence in new therapeutic areas, such as homeopathy, acupuncture, apifitotherapy, etc.
  • Medica Group shows the medical community's interest for the company's supplements, which gradually became the first therapeutic solutions in the treatment of a large number of ailments. With those 300 advisors, physicians, curanti, nutritional supplements 100% naturalhad a quick success and became shortly after launch, leading in their respective therapeutic areas.
  • nutritional Supplements ProNatura improve the quality of life of the people and help them to enjoy a living longer, healthier and more productive.
  • Medica Group completes the tradition of involvement in community life and social responsibility manifested throughout the Corporation. Thus, only in the last year, the Group has proven attachment Medica or towards patients and doctors in Romania by launching some major social programmes with humanitarian and charity.
  • All this shows that excellence in natural supplements and the values are the same everywhere Medica Group. For over 20 years demonstrate every day that these values work in support of the doctors and the patients.