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Let's talk a bit about her origins and Kombucha!

What is the secret healing power of this remedy?

What is Kombucha?

Conform studiilor desfăşurate, cu toţii ştim că această cultură
de kombucha conţine prebiotice, probiotice şi postbiotice.

Actually it is covărşitoare in the health,
what justifies the designation of millennial fungus gods.

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Let's talk a little about her origins and Kombucha!

PROnatura site helps:

- to be trusted to take care of our health and family.
- to be independent and to save money.
- information about diet and how it helps us maintain healthy (where pathogens are involved both external or internal - that must be reduced, and the body's defense system - to be increased).
- to have a healthy pregnancy.
- to protect and treat pathologies with high impact on the population: obesity, heart disease and hypertension, dyslipidemia (cholesterol, triglycerides, total lipids), diabetes, osteoporosis, combat free radicals and inflammation (representing factors certain generating multiple diseases).

– sa mentinem flora intestinala in parametri ei normali (probiotice si prebiotice), ce determina pe langa combaterea bolilor digestive si a tulburarilor de tranzit (diaree, constipatie), cresterea imunitatii organismului, absortia de nutrienti si vitamine, crearea de enzime. Prin formarea unei multitudini de metaboliti (postbiotice) flora microbiana este implicata in tulburarile fizice si mentale ale organismului uman. Aceasta flora a fost afectata la om prin: nasteri cezariene, alimentatii artificiale ale nou nascutilor, alimente si bauturi continand conservanti si coloranti, produse cosmetice asa zis „naturale” (avand in compozitie o multitudine de ingrediente de sinteza), dar mai ales ca urmare al abuzului de vaccinari, antibiotice, chimioterapie, iradieri (facute pentru diagnosticare sau tratament), campuri electromagnetice nocive, etc. Sa nu uitam ca flora saprofita al organismului uman (situata 80% la nivelul colonului) reprezinta 7% din greutatea corpului uman, iar din punct de vedere al bogatiei genetice este de „n” ori mai mare decat genomul uman. Aceasta implicare covarsitoare a florei in pastrarea sanatatii se regaseste la nivelul intregii lumi vii (om, animale, plante) de care vom deveni din ce in ce mai constienti, ca urmare a multiplelor studii facute in medicina umana, veterinara si tratamente fito. Actualmente 35% din noile medicamente sunt obtinute prin biotehnologii ce implica bacteriile.

- maintain a normal intestinal flora, representing one of the most effective means of prevention. Do not forget that in traditional Chinese medicine there saying: "Master prevents disease, and the doctor routinely treats them" or "The doctor is paid by the community as long as you maintain the health of it, and in case of illness must provide free treatment ". He thought a magnificent suggest Ministries of Health and the Insurance worldwide.

- be trusted to take care of our health and family.

Doctor in Medical Sciences
President Ionut Moraru