Affected the physical warmth of housing

Technological development has allowed man maintaining a temperature of around 23 degrees Celsius in winter, but this affects physical appearance, being the most often reason for skin and hair look unpleasant.

Central heating creates a number of problems in winter over physical appearance.
Chapped lips are a frequent problem that occurs because the skin it covers do not benefit from the natural hydration. Experts say the temperature differences lead to drying of the skin, which is highest, and the use of saliva to moisten the lips is contraindicated, because saliva will cause drying and quicker. The solution is to use an ointment and avoid breaking skin that already started to dry.

Skin appears more wrinkled skin in winter because the environment inside buildings has a high temeratură and humidity low. The higher the temperature inside is bigger, much will dry your skin and will lose its elasticity. Experts advise people who suffer from such problems frequently make use of natural products for skin hydration in winter, when the air inside buildings with central heating is very dry.

Just like summer campsites, excessive cold and windy cold season specific negatively affects the structure of the hair due to the cold, but also the external factors, the hair becomes coarse, dry and damaged and with time it becomes fragile and brittle. The appearance of the hair is different in the winter, even in the case of healthy individuals and a regular process of scalp hair care, and the reason is the same: dry air. Hair is made up of a substance that absorbs or repels humidity according to the surrounding atmosphere, according to experts. From this point of view, a House with central heating is a desert-like, with respect to the effects of indoor air over the hair.

Experts say that during the winter the best solution is the use of hair care products that contain oils, because they will also act as a barrier, keeping the moisture inside the hair shaft. To prevent this you need to give your hair a special care, namely using natural products. Here's what we recommend Dr. Ike Maia:

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