Miracle foods for the body

Nutritious food that we protect the principal organs.

Vegetables and fruit indicated by nutritionists must be eaten fresh, frozen, and times of medicinal plants should be given in the form of infusions, tinctures or compresses.

To heart:

1. sprouts contain iron and potassium-needed heart and blood circulation

2. broccoli-the contents of calcium, iron and carotene, prevents heart attacks and atherosclerosis

3. radish-heart attacks, defending against

4. Orange-has few calories, contains vitamin C and decreases the amount of cholesterol in the blood

5. carrot-folic acid and Bioflavonoids protect the heart contained in carrots

6. fish-Omega 3 protects the vascular system of inflammation and calcifications

7. onion-improves circulation and heart activity and decreases blood pressure

8. garlic-it contains alicina prevents strokes

9. ramsons (Allium vineale)-cleans the blood of toxins

10. asparagus-heart and large vessels cleanses the blood

11. olive oil-energize your heart and reduces cholesterol

12. chicory-blood pressure and decreases cholesterol and cleans the blood with the help of specific minerals

13. salmon-is a source of Omega 3 fatty acids that are able to lower the level of blood triglycerides

14. pumpkin-has a beneficial effect in cases of high blood pressure and heart diseases

15. potato-protects against cerebrovascular accidents and provides a high amount of vitamin C in the vascular system

16. paprika-protects blood vessels and heart

17. tomato-blood pressure normalizes, being an effective diuretic

18. reduce harmful cholesterol-olives and blood pressure

19. Daniel Bedingfield-contains over 300 essential substances for the protection of the vascular system

20. black beans-one cup of beans provide between 320 and 120 milligrams of magnesium, preventing heart rhythm disorders

21. for blackcurrant-blood circulation, having a high concentration of minerals and vitamins B, C, D and E

22. raspberry-strengthens the immune system by acting as a natural aspirin

23. Blackberries-are considered fruit cardioactive helping to optimum breakage

24. shock-inducer

25. peach-contains vitamins and trace elements, protecting the heart

26. fresh cherries-resources of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and Silicon

27. rhubarb-lowers blood pressure and strengthens the heart

28. grapefruit-endoscopical and prevents Thrombosis due to a special enzyme

29. fungus Shitake-reduces cholesterol

30. plums-prevent thrombosis

31. curmalele-reduces blood pressure and protects against atherosclerosis because they are rich in iron, calcium and potassium

32. blueberries-their blue pigment helps blood vessels become more elastic

33. oats-is beneficial in cardiovascular disease

34. maize-contains vitamins D and K

35. the capsaicin-prevents higher levels of blood sugar can lead to the formation of cholesterol on the heart vessels

For your brain:

36. lentils-contains lecithin, proteins and carbohydrates they need brain cells

37. Quinoa-it strengthens memory and slows down the aging process, being rich in iron

38. meat of poultry-fats and oils offering energy of nerve cells

39. beans-increases the power of concentration

40. the egg-is a great source of protein; the yolk contains choline which helps the development of memory

41. avocado-combat stress, nervousness and insomnia

42. bananas-glucose, vitamins and minerals contained in them are beneficial for your brain and you energize

43. apricots-stimulates neurons

44. raisins contain sugar (-75%), energy resource for the brain

45. para-sugar and hormone-like substances intensify the power of the "work" of the brain

46. the pea-protein-rich being is good for memory and concentration

47. lettuce-calms the nervous system due to opiate substances

For the eyes:

48. wild chestnut-relieves the sensation of tingling and irritations due to its active substances

49. arnica-arnica essential oil relieves inflammation of the eye

50. White Birch-resisting eye because it contains vitamin C, potassium and calcium

51. Lamb tongue-reduces inflammation of conjunctivale vessels due to tannins and saponinelor

52. celandine is extraordinarily effective against viruses and especially for dry eyes

53. Ruth-is good for allergies and hay fever because it contains pectins and calcium

54. silur grass (Euphrasia Officinalis)-calm eyes people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer

55. fat hen-do wonders on eye ointment applied that along with the grass of the silur

56. grapes-mainly helps the eye during nocturnal vision

57. plantain-tannins contained in treating eye infections

58. căpșuna-helps your eyes during nocturnal vision

9. Centarium Minus-obtained from this tincture plant heals eye diseases

60. pineapple-enzymes contained in it relaxes tired eyes due to computer

61. Rosemary-purifies and protects the eye blood vessels

For skin and hair:

62. melon-contains very few calories and is excellent for maintaining skin determination

63. skimmed yogurt-bacteria contained in it improves skin's appearance; In addition it has a high concentration of vitamin A

64. wheat-contains fatty acids, calcium and silica, which are extraordinarily healthy hair, skin and nails

65. the barley-beautify and revitalizes because of bioactive substances

66. thyme skin glow-plays and cleanses the body

67. horseradish-containing active substances, regenerates the hair, skin and nails

68. mustard-adjusts the blood flow to the skin

For bones:

69. almonds-contain magnesium and helps bones to remain healthy

70. spinach-thanks to iron and calcium that it contains makes it more resilient bones and helps the functioning of muscles

71. millet-strengthens teeth, bones and stimulates the growth of children

72. rye-is good for teeth, bones and muscles are an ideal source of trace elements like vitamin B, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron and zinc

73. the cheese-strengthens bones and is a good source of calcium

For stomach and intestine:

74. fennel-tincture protects mucous membranes intestinal

75. păstârnacul-stimulates digestion

76. mango-defends the intestinal mucosa due to vitamin A and antioxidants

77. arpacaşul-bring in the body the necessary fiber, phosphorus and magnesium for a healthy digestion

78. the dill-relieves indigestion

79. soy-anticancer properties

80. walnuts contain purified form-Omega 3 and therefore helps reduce the risk of cancer of the bowel

For live:

81. artichokes-regenerative protein contains, and folic acid and antioxidants prevent liver disease

82. radish juice stimulates bile secretion-

83. cauliflower-contributes to improving the liver's work

84. yeast-is an important source of vitamin B and liver cleansing effect

85. năsturelul (Nasturtium Officinale)-is used for the production of muştarului and what oils are beneficial for the metabolism of bile and the liver

86. dandelions-helps in the proper functioning of the liver and reduces cholesterol

87. milk-protects the liver from common ailments

88. Mint-Peppermint essential oils stimulate biliary secretion and soothes cramps

89. rabbit-liver degreased

90. the meat of bovine animals-contains iron, vitamin B and protein.

For kidney:

91. red beets-stimulates cellular burnt

92. sour-contain potassium, kidney substance on "fighting" to remove from the blood when it is in excess

93. cucumber-contains more water and therefore stimulates the kidneys

94. celery-protects the kidney of viruses

95. red cabbage-proteins and amino acids that it contains acts as a filter for the kidneys

96. gulia-vitamin C protects cells from kidney disease, and iron and phosphorus energize

97. Black-radish is a natural antibiotic

98. pickled cabbage-body cleansing effect

99. buckwheat-is used as a dietary product in case of kidney disease and diabetes

100. parsley-ideal combination holds minerals to cleanse the kidneys

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