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Colagen HA bio active cell

Colagenul reprezinta principala proteina ce intra in structura tesuturilor conjunctive, tendoanelor, ligamentelor si cartilajelor articulare. Sustine si mentine elasticitatea vaselor de sange, articulatiilor, pielii. Acidul hialuronic ( mucopolizaharid prezent in lichidul sinovial) pe langa faptul ca mentine articulatiile lubrifiate, asigura hidratarea fibrelor de colagen si elastina. Produsul hidrateaza si tonifica pielea, conferindu-i finete, frumusete si […]

NEURO 3xBiotics

Produsul sustine functia sistemului nervos, ajuta la imbunatatirea circulatiei sanguine la nivel cerebral, la mentinerea unei bune functii cognitive, la sustinerea capacitatii de adaptare la stres, la pastrarea calmului si la mentinerea memoriei odata cu declinul produs de inaintarea in varsta. Prezinta activitati tonice si stimulente, ajutand la rezistenta fizica si mentala, mentine vitalitatea si […]

Citicoline Cognizin 60 cps

Excelent neurotonic; ajuta organismul in perioadele de efort intelectual intens; imbunatateste functia cognitiva si capacitatea de memorare; poate reduce evoluția proceselor degenerative ale sistemului nervos din cadrul senescentei. Ingrediente/capsula: Citicolin (Cognizin®) 250 mg; dioxid de titan 75.3 mg. pulbere din fructe de Aronia (Aronia melanocarpa) 20 mg; *furnizeaza 1.4 mg Vitamina B6/ 100% VNR/Valoare Nutritionala […]

Shilajit&Triphala 40cps

Shilajit / asphaltum / Mumijo (in Sanskrit means "conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness") is one of the most important miracles of the living world. Original in the Himalayas, formed over millions of years by the action of soil microorganisms on plant ancestral, resulting in the creation of numerous aliphatic and aromatic organic products that chelates [...]

Super Nutrients

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROMANIA! Together stronger, more ambitious and healthier. Pronatura has prepared a product that helps support centenary: immune system, proper functioning of the heart and blood vessels and a balanced level of blood lipid and to maintain vitality and balance the entire body. NUTRIENT SUPER contains three innovative products [...]


Increases Testosterone helps increase muscle mass; optimizing the activity of anabolic muscle hypertrophy, minimizes the retention of water. Ingredients / capsule portie2: Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) 290 mg; Maca (Lepidium meyenii) 110 mg; Muira- puama (Ptychopetalum) 75 mg; Guarana (Paullinia cupana) (10% caffeine) 70 mg; L-Tyrosine 50 mg; Tribulus terrestris50 mg; L-Carnitine 35 mg; Colostrum 30 mg; Siberian Ginseng [...]

HGH3 3xBIOTICS – Nutritech

HGH3 3xBIOTICS by exceptional composition: 3 amino acids, three nutrients (colostu, drone larvae, Amrita) and 3 Biota (prebiotic, probiotic postbiotic) is the elixir of a healthy life, excellent detoxifying and anti-aging element. Because the ingredients used HGH3 3xBIOTICS can be used by all ages for a harmonious physical and mental development. The product is [...]

100% PURE ASHWAGANDHA – Nutritech

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): increase endurance and muscle mass, energize the body, protects tissues against injuries, ensure a quiet and restful sleep, said body fight with states anxiety, combat the effects of stress, improves learning ability, memory and time in response, contributes to maintaining a good muscle tone and mental, and increase [...]


XTREME ENERGY: improves athletic performance by stimulating the central nervous system and the mobilization of free fatty acids in the blood stream for energy production. This increases the body's basal metabolic rate, improves the strength and stimulates the release of calcium in the muscle fibers, which then leads to improvement of muscle force and contraction, stimulating the activity of skeletal muscle. [...]


TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS este o planta folosita de secole in Grecia, India si Africa pentru a creste fertilitatea si a reintineri organismul. Studiile au demonstrat ca, desi nu contine hormoni, Tribulus Terrestris mareste nivelul de testosteron, care conduce la producerea de hormon luteinizat. Cand nivelul de hormon luteinizat este crescut, creste si productia de testosteron in […]