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Optilutein Forte 30 capsules

Ingredients/cps: Lutein powder – 16mg; Zeaxanthin 2mg; Vitamin E 10mg; Betacaroten 10mg; Mg 15mg; Omega 300mg. The product is ideal for poor ocular vasculature, reducing the degenerative process of the retina, impruving its health condition; helps maintain the lens, helping to maintain visual acuity. Dosage: 1-2 cps /day, after breakfast with a glass of Pi […]

Why resist the honey a few thousands of years without having to ruin?

Arheologii din vremurile noastre au descoperit numeroase lucruri surprinzătoare în mormintele egiptene. Printre bijuteriile şi celelate comori ascunse în aceste locuri misterioase se numără şi vase conţinând miere ce datează de acum câteva mii de ani şi care continuă să fie bună de mâncat în ciuda trecerii timpului. Există alte câteva alimente care se păstrează […]

URO 3xBiotics

The EURO 3xBiotics/capsule Ingredients: from atomized mixture of herbs in vinegar of fermented Kombucha, dry bed of maltodextrin (culture of Kombucha, blending plants: leaf tea-Camellia sinensis/green, Cranberry Fruit/Vaccinium myrtillus, parts Thymus serpyllum overhead/juniper tree, aerial parts of Dandelion Taraxacum officinale 250 mg; Amrita (atomized from pollen, fermented in vinegar of Kombucha, on [...]

The most effective natural antidepressant

Many people struggle with feelings of depression, sadness or General suffering intense. Natural products from plants have been used since ancient times due to its nutritional benefits and holistic it offers. Many of the substances that we encounter in the content of these natural remedies have been extensively studied for the amount of [...]

The Lion's Mane

Ingredients: lion's Mane-powder (Hericium erinaceus), gelatin (capsule), powder from parts of horsetail (Equisetum arvense). Lion's Mane-is a fungus used in Chinese traditional medicine for the consolidation of the five internal organs: kidneys, liver, spleen, heart, stomach. Content rich in potassium, zinc, iron, phosphorus and sodium. Contains essential amino acids, niacin, riboflavin, [...]

EROS ®-male Marathon

What man wants sexual performance? Now we can help you get the champion with EROS ®! Originally from Southeast Asia, Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed or Yin Yang Huo), also known as "grass of Aries", was first mentioned in ancient Chinese medical texts. Nowadays, Horny Goat Weed earns from what [...]

Miracle foods for the body

Nutritious food that we protect the principal organs. Vegetables and fruit indicated by nutritionists must be eaten fresh, frozen, and times of medicinal plants should be given in the form of infusions, tinctures or compresses. Heart: 1. sprouts contain iron and potassium-needed heart and blood circulation 2. broccoli-the calcium content, [...]

The ORIGINAL METHOD for pollen processing with therapeutic results encouraging

Dr. Ike Majid and collaborators: Dr. Kayitana, Dr. Carter, Dr. Carter end product of fermentation Rashid was named Amrita-the food of the gods in Sanskrit. It is an adaptogen, tonic acting on the whole body, thus creating a State of well being. An exceptional new product! Amrita, food of the gods is obtained through biological processes, imitating the bees create [...]

Balsamic Kombucha & Aronia

Ingrediente: otet kombucha, otet de mere, Aronia, condimente (ghimbir, piper, busuioc, ardei iute rozmarin și melissa). Otetul de Kombucha poate fi considerat un adevarat elixir al unei vieti sanatoase. Produsul este obtinut prin fermentatia naturala, pe un substrat alcatuit dintr-o multitudine de plante cu un continut bogat în principii active. Prezinta un gust delicat, bogat […]