Girdi yapan ProNatura


Ingredients/bottle: Vitamin C – 3.000 mg; L-lysine hydrochloride – 150 mg; L-lysine – 109,8 mg; L-methionine – 55,20 mg; L-valine – 40,2 mg; L-isolysine – 35,4 mg; L-tryptophan – 30 mg; L-phenylalanine – 30 mg; L-threonine – 25,50 mg; Imubest kids, helps the immune system sustaining conjuctive tissues, reducing nasal congestion and accelerating the healing […]

Vitole 400 30 cps

Ingredients/cps: Vitamin E acetate – 400 mg. Known as powerful antioxidant, vitamin E prevents oxidative stress and so the signs of aging. Protects the cardiovascular system by anti-atherosclerotic and cholesterol-lowering action; regulates the hormonal system and is used to prevent sterility of women and men, maintain a normal sexual activity, also a healthy skin and […]

Sinameki 30cps

Ingredients: Senna leaf powder (Cassia angustifolia) – 280 mg/cps. The product maintains an optimal intestinal transit, provided by anthraquinone derivatives, released in the colon under the influence of microflora at the level of the the intestine; stimulates the propulsive movements of the colon; increases the diffusion of water and electrolytes in the gut; regulates the […]

Pronefron 30cps

Ingredients/capsule: gelatin (capsul); Centaurium erythraea powder – 60 mg, Levisticum officinale powder – 60mg, Rosmarinus officinale powder – 60mg. The product supports digestion and renal functions and helps the normal functioning of these systems. Is antibacterial used for the spasm and inflammation and contains Levistic active rich plantes. Do not use in pregnancy or lactation […]

Otolin çözüm 15 ml

Ingredients: Hydroalcoholic extract of propolis, euphrasia, boswellia, chamomile, basil, walnut , Australian tea tree oil,glycerin. The product is composed of natural active principles with actions as: healing, light anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, emollient; recommended for maintaining the hygiene of external auditory canal and for soothing ear irritations; cleans and disinfects; improves auditory acuity. Hydroalcoholic extract of propolis […]

Orosept sprey 50 ml

Ingrediente/flacon: extracte hidroetanolice 1 :15 din: parti aeriene de Busuioc (Ocimum basilicum)-20 ml, flori de Musetel (Matricaria chamomilla)-17,5 ml, scoarta de Salcie (Salix alba)-10 ml, extract de propolis (guma arabica, sucroza, dioxid de siliciu)-1,4 ml; uleiuri esentiale de: frunze de Menta (Mentha piperita) –0,5 ml, fructe de Fenicul (Foeniculum vulgare var.vulgare)-0,5 ml, arbore-de-ceai australian (Melaleuca alternifolia)-0,1 […]

Oronorm 25 ml sprey 50 ml

Ingredients: mint oil (Menthae folium) 0,5 ml/bottle; chamomile flowers solution (Chamomillae Flores) 17,5 ml/bottle; basil herba tincture (Basil herba) 20 ml/bottle; willow bark (Salicis cortex) 10 ml/bottle; fennel oil (Atheroleum foeniculi) 0,5 ml/bottle; australian tea tree oil 0,1 ml/bottle; propolis tincture 1,4 ml/bottle. Dosage: It can be used as a mouth spray to maintain freshness […]

Nanosed 30 fps

Ingredients/capsule: gelatin (capsule); Calcium lactate powder-200mg, magnesium lactate powder-100mg; valerian root powder (Valeriana officinalis)-40mg; Chamomile flower powder (Matricaria chamomille)-35 mg; passion flower powder – (Passiflora incarnata) -35 mg; powder from the hop cones (Humulus lupulus) -35 mg; Vitamin B6 powder -3 mg; folic acid powder-2 mg. Vitamin B6 contributes to the normal functioning of the […]

Mastoptin 30 fps

Ingredients/cps: Vitex agnus-castus – 200 mg; Passiflora – 100 mg Vitex can reduce premenstrual manifestations, regulates menstrual cycle and maintains the normal structure of the female genitalia and fertility. Passiflora was used for optimal relaxation, a quiet and healthy sleep. Removes anxiety. Contributes to well-being, physical and mental. Dosage: 1 cps x 3/day, after meals […]

Magnelept 30 tablet

Ingredients/cp: Magnesium lactate – 450 mg (46,35mg Mg); B6 vitamin – 5 mg; Passion flower extract (Passiflora incarnata) – 50 mg; Microcrystalline cellulose and corn starch (agents charge), polyvinylpyrrolidone, Vegetable magnesium stearate, vegetable stearic acid and vehtable silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent). The combine deffects of components contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system; […]