Bio cynku selen Panorama Ii

Bio Selen Zn, kapsułki

Suplement diety

30 cps; ℮ = 8.71 g


Royal jelly – 100 mg;

Zinc sulphate – 15 mg;

Selenium – 0.15 mg;

Gelatin capsule

TOTAL: 115.15 mg

Mechanism of action:

Eliminates headache, dizziness, improves sleep and mood, and normalizes appetite.

It may have an effect on liver, kidneys, brain, and sperm. Activates the immune system, and can help the purification of the body from toxins.

The product diminishes the harmful effects of free radicals, improves the immune response of the body, being helpful in states characterized by low immunity.

“Royal jelly” it is secreted from the glands in the hypopharynx of nurse bees, and fed to all larvae in the colony.

Also, improves the functioning of the heart, activates the cell metabolism process, neutralizes free radicals, and energizes the organism.


Hyperfunction of thyroid gland;

Prophylaxis of mastitis (monotherapy and combined therapy)

Postoperative diseases, osteochondrosis, traumas, bone fractures and surgical intervention;

Cardiovascular system diseases: hypertension, arrhythmias; with a view to speeding up the recovery of cardiac muscle after myocardial infarction;

To normalize cholesterol metabolism in arteriosclerosis and improve the elasticity of the vessel wall;

For the prevention of oncological diseases, before and after chemistry and radiotherapy courses;


Contraindicated to allergic persons on any of the product components!

Mode of application:

1 capsule per day.

Use in pregnancy and lactation:

Recommended for pregnant women during lactation for the full development of the child.

Form of release:

Capsule № 30

Not a medicine!

Can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription.



phone: +40 (21) -351.47.77, fax: +40 (21) -351.47.78,


Otopeni, Frasinului street no. 11, Romania

Przechowywać z dala od ciepła, światła i wilgotności.

Przechowywać w miejscu niedostępnym i niewidocznym dla dzieci.

This is a dietary supplement and it not replaces a varied diet and a balanced healthy lifestyle; add the appropriate exercises and physical and mental balance.

Do not exceed the daily recommended dose.

Nasz produkt jest uzyskiwany i testowane zgodnie z normami jakości ISO 9001 i 22000.

Do spożycia najlepiej przed datą wygaśnięcia z opakowania.

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