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Hundreds of women have managed to conceive using this plant.
* Dozens of men have sexual problems solved.heracleum-plant-Pronatura

Maybe some of us have tired to believe or hope in miracles, but they exist.
If you don't believe it, there's a tremendous healing herb that grows in our country and which has a name very suggestive: Branca-bear (branca bear). Why do i say so?

Perhaps because the leaf to bring somewhat, as the respective shape, paw pet, but also because this plant has some stimulating effects on the body's vitality, which remember the legendary strength of the bear. The modern history of this herb has started after a few years in Romania. If at that time, the bear was practically Branca-unknown, now became a real medical phenomenon. The most important quality to bear as Branca-is treated successfully a number of amazing high cases of infertility, male and female. However, infertility affects, today, one in six couples in Romania, which explain in good measure the true demographic catastrophe toward which our country is heading, but also the success particularly enjoy Branca-bear as a remedy. And therapeutic qualities of this plant is not limited to the field of fertility, she successfully treating hypertension, menopausal disorders, epilepsy, immune deficiencies. Which is why we return with new information, latest, connected with it.heracleum

Where to get and how collecting it branca-bear:

Branca-(Heracleum sphondilyum) is a plant that prefers mountain and submountain areas in our country, where it grows on the banks of creeks and wetlands and Sandy places. High reach up to two metres, has white flowers and large leaves, deeply notched. Has a specific smell, very aromatic and pungent, that is unmistakable. From Branca-bear are used, as a rule, flowers and seeds, as well as the root.
* The seeds and flowers -are collected by cutting, since the end of July (in the lower areas, where the matures faster) until the beginning of November. After cutting, place the aerial parts dry, layer of up to 4 centimeters, in shady places and well ventilated. Once dry, brittle and inflorescences become tails they break relatively easily. Are part of the plant most commonly used because they have aphrodisiac properties, also be given hormone stimulants and very strong.
* Root -are harvested after the first brume, in November or March, when they dig out with a spade, wash in a quick course in water and let it dry in a warm room and, if possible, be exposed to sunlight (even if this light is filtered by the glass). When they were dry, the roots of Branca-bear are very brittle and break with a pan sec. Is stored in canvas bags, cool and dry places. Branca-root bear and it has aphrodisiac properties, but not as intense as the seeds, and recently it has been discovered and an action of stimulating immunity.heracleum

These capsules based Branca-bear have powerful aphrodisiac properties. Fits both men and women. Favors regulating the menstrual cycle, hormonal balance and stimulates gonadelor (stimulate ovulation and spermatogeneza). May reduce uterine and digestive spasms; peripheral vasodilator improving blood flow to the pelvic area. Increases the resistance of the device compared to the uro-genital tract infectious factors. In addition it is nerve tonic, helping partners to overcome any bottlenecks. General and sexual tonic.
heracleum-webPreventive treatments with Listent
* Reno-urinary infections -We recommend the timing belt every two weeks, during which time it's given tincture Branca-bear three teaspoons a day, each dose being diluted at least 100 ml of water. These cures help prevent urinary infections, through a double action: on the one hand, the plant has antibiotic effects, eliminating parasitic micro-organisms which might be installed at the level of the urinary apparatus, and reno-on the other hand, has imunostimulente effects, helping the body to defend itself alone for any infections.
* Premature menopause -to make, three times a year, cure with Branca-bear, each with a duration of 3-4 weeks. During treatment, it manages the plant in the form of capsules, four per day. It is a treatment with stimulant effect on the endocrine and exocrine secretion of the ovaries, the exceptional treatment that delay the installation of climaxului.
* Osteoporosis -a treatment with a duration of three months with capsules of Branca-bear. If treatment is started at a maximum of two years after the menopause, it will take four capsules daily Branca-bear. If you have gone more than two years after the menopause, it will make treatment more bland, as it will take two capsules a day. Branca-bear managed internal effects estrogens direct and, especially, stimulates the body to secrete this hormone, metabolism of calcium and essential for maintaining bone density in normal parameters.
* Frostbite is -can be prevented by treatment with Branca tincture-bear. Frosty days should be given 3-4 teaspoons herb tincture a day on an empty stomach, with a little water. The active principles from the seeds of Branca-bear have a potent peripheral vasodilator effect, helping to proper blood flow to the extremities of the body with. Thus, although there can you place thick clothing, Branca-bear has a very good effect of heating of the hands and feet, which will thus be protected from frostbite.

Internal treatments with Branca-bear

* Impotence, hormone -the year four cures with Branca lungwort, administered in the form of capsules, four-six per day. A full cure lasts for 60 days, then take a break for a further 20-30 days, then you can resume. This treatment stimulates the activity of the powerful men's gonadelor is a very good remedy in cases of premature andropause. It also has anti-depressant effect, which is very useful in treating cases, very common in patients who hormone and impotence is accentuated by a serious bottleneck on an emotional level (the psychic impotence).
* Vascular impotence -take Branca-in the form of tincture bear, with 10-30 minutes before sexual intercourse. The recommended dose is 1 to 3 teaspoons (4-12 ml), which is administered preferably diluted in water and on an empty stomach. This remedy has a strong vasodilator, at the level of the blood vessels that feed the genital area, proving to be a huge help men facing hormone impotence. It must be said, however, that while in most cases Branca tincture-bear has proven to be efficient for solving this problem are full and other therapeutic approaches: quitting smoking and the consumption of fatty foods, vegetable oils rich in unsaturated fats, medical gymnastics, health resorts (resorts carbonated and mofettes).
* Efeminare in men, testosterone deficiency -a very effective treatment against these hormonal disorders is taking four capsules a day, and root powder nettle (Urtica dioica), three to four teaspoons a day. The treatment will last for 90 days and will be made twice a year. Branca-bear stimulates the secretion of testosterone to gonadelor, while nettle root has in its composition a precursor of testosterone, which will be turned into a body in this hormone.
* Amenorrhea, ovarian failure -the cure for 28 days, during which time it take 4 capsules per day, Branca-bear. In ancient times, Branca-(but also with other plants of the family Apiaceae of which belongs) to stimulate fertility was started, for greater efficiency when the Moon in the sky began to grow. This correlation between moon phases, specifically with her growth is supported by modern chronobiology studies, which put in evidence an unexplained relationship between hormonal activity, especially of women, and the Earth's natural satellite.
* Post menopausal syndrome -are you a cure with a duration of three months with Branca lungwort, during which 2-4 teaspoons tincture. In the first month of treatment should be given only two teaspoons tincture a day, and then gradually increasing the dose. This treatment stimulates the production of estrogen and intineritor effect, treating ailments such as: calcium metabolism disorders, depression post-climax, climax post cardiac disorders.
* Irregular menstrual cycle -take three capsules daily, Branca-bear on an empty stomach, in cure 14 days, followed by the other 14 days interval. It is good that the treatment to be started on the last day of the menstrual cycle. Branca-stimulates and regulates the activity of bear ovaries, proving to be of great help in cases where the menstrual cycle comes with big delays, as well as in the case of 400.000 menstrelor ovulation. In women at which menstruation disorders are accompanied by ovarian cysts and profuse bleeding, and treatment with shoots of raspberry (Rubus idaeus), in the form of tea extract, administered according to the prospectus.
* Frigiditate -half an hour before intercourse, give 2-4 capsules of Branca-bear. This plant stimulates libido through action on the central nervous system through vasodilation at the genital level and, over time, through hormone stimulation. A lot of patients who have used this herb to treat other ailments, have noted an increase in appetite erotic and an intensification of amorous feelings.
heracleum-Pronatura* High blood pressure -It manages the 4-6 capsules daily, Branca-bear in cures for 6 weeks, followed by two weeks of break. It is important that these capsules to be taken regularly, at 6, 12, 18 and 22, because they act decreasing blood pressure, notably by vasodilation, peripheral-level effect of durand a while being limited and, as such, need a new dose of the herb.
* Adjunct in bronchitis -take 3-4 teaspoons tincture-bear's day Branca, on an empty stomach. This plant is effective expectorant, helps to eliminate excess secretions from the Airways, and antibiotic effect, supported directly with bacterial infections. In laryngitis, and prepared with a gargare obtained by dilution of two teaspoons of Branca-bear in a quarter of a glass of water.
* Cystitis, nephritis -manage tincture Branca-(obtained from seeds and root plant), 6 teaspoons a day, each diluted in 200 ml of water. This treatment, with a duration of 10-14 days, has strong antibiotic effect level reno-urinary, volatile substances contained in the seeds of the plant having a bactericidal action against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc.
* Genital Candida -It is used as an adjuvant treatment with Branca lungwort, administered in the form of capsules, four per day. Laboratory studies have shown that the active principles of this plant have anticandidozice effects, destroying especially strains of Candida albicans and Candida krusei. Treatment with Branca-bear, though, has a very interesting effect in the case of genital infections, we'll talk about that next.
* Sexually transmitted diseases in general -is administered as an adjunct Branca-bear, in the form of capsules, 8 day, administered with a quarter hour before the medication or remedies antiinfectioase prescribed by the doctor. Adjuvant treatment with Branca-bear has great quality to enhance blood circulation to the genital level, thus facilitating a more intense effect of antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal or at this level. For this reason, infectious diseases treatments genital level at which use and Branca-bear are more effective.
* Bacterial infections, in general -manage, as an adjunct, Branca-bear, in the form of capsules, take 4-6 a day. Laboratory studies performed in 2006, at several universities in Turkey, coordinated by Prof. Dr. a. Ergene, have shown the efficiency of this plant, both against gram-positive bacteria, as well as upon the gramnegative. Thus, this plant has proved a good cons: Shigella sonnei antibiotic, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria monocytogenes, Streptococcus pyogenes, Enterococcus fecalis diphteria, Corynobacterium.
* Adjunct in epilepsy -a treatment with Branca-bear, take one tablet (children between 4 and 12 years old will get a quarter of a Tablet) four times a day, in the cure of 3 months, followed by another 3 months break, then treatment can resume. This treatment is a pickup from Romanian folk medicine and is surprisingly effective in some cases of epilepsy. As a result of the management of this plant, is reduced in both intensity and frequency of epileptic seizures.
* Adjunct in anxious depressive disorders -take two capsules of Branca-bear, three times a day, in a month, cures followed two weeks of break. The volatile oils contained in this plant have a strong stimulant to the central nervous system, inducing a State of freshness, tonicity, even mild euphoria. The action of such edgy toning essential oils is complemented very well of another category of substances contained in Branca-bear, cumarinele, which have calming effect, mildly sedative, moods of gastroduodenal fear, of anxiety, of outrage.
* Diarrhea, bloating -administer three-six capsules per day, Branca-bear, in dose, up to healing. This herb has antibiotic effect at the level of the digestive tube, destroying many of the bacteria that cause diarrhea. On the other hand, the volatile oils from Branca-bear effective antispasmodic, carminative and eliminating abdominal bloating and colic.
* Indigestion -take a teaspoon of tincture of Branca-bear, with a quarter of an hour. The seeds of this plant have stimulating effects on secretion of gastric juices, digestive motility grow easily and give your appetite.female-infertility-branca-bear


The efficiency of this plant is truly astounding. From my research, made as a journalist, I can say, without hesitate, as currently exist in our country hundreds of women who have successfully used this herb to help to get pregnant.

Mode of action of this remedy remains, however, the plant fully elucidated: his Administration has, especially over time, the incentive effect on the ovaries (stimulates ovulation), and that immediate action causes genital vasodilatation. However, there are also cases of infertile women with hostile, for example glena where Branca-bear has proven too efficient, incredibly fast. Discussion forums on the internet abound for mommies, which reports that have managed to remain pregnant, after years in which they have tried all classical forms of treatment and failed. In the title of this article I used the word "miracle". Well, this period is perfectly justified, in the case of women who for five-six years have tried, unsuccessfully, to classical treatments to get pregnant, and after a few months of cure with Branca-bear have managed to have children. But let's see exactly how to do it: usually, treatment is administered capsules, four-six per day, starting from the last day of your cycle and continuing until ovulation, when the Administration is interrupted. It is important not to continue treatment and after ovulation, so as not to put in any way endanger the eventual embryo formed. Treatment with capsules is the most convenient and easily tolerated by the body, but if after four to five cycles of Administration have not achieved any result, then you can use the tincture. It take two teaspoons per diluted in water, three times a day, starting with the last day of menstruation and ovulation.male-infertility-branca-bear


Unfortunately, in this area, information is somewhat more restrained, men with such problems is much less willing to communicate than the ladies, even when they have obtained excellent results. However, in most of the cases that we've been able to watch, Branca-bear has given outstanding results. Best effects were observed in infertility with oligospermia and correlated with astenospermia. The treatment lasts for 6-24 months and consists of successive cures, which is administered 4-8 capsules per day, Branca-bear for 3 months, then take a break for 6 weeks, then the Administration resumes. From observations made so far, it appears that the efficiency of this treatment is increased if correlates with balancing body weight, with a mostly lacto-vegetarian, with physical movement with quitting alcohol and other exciting factors. Treatment with Branca-bear increases, most of the time, the quantity of sperm, increases their motility, increase, on the whole, the chances of procreation.

Precautions and contraindications

* There have been studied the effects of administration of Branca-bear in case of pregnancy and alaptarii as such, the Administration will be avoided in these cases.
* People with hypotension will take, especially at first, doses of Branca-injumatatite bear, and we will in so far as they do not appear unpleasant phenomena related to hypotension. Also be given to offset the action of this plant, you can administer the Marjoram (Majorana hortensis), in the form of powder, of which take 3 teaspoons a day, or in the form of hot tea.
* Applied on the skin, Branca-sensibilizeaza bear very much epidermis to dangerous solar radiations, can lead to serious burns if the skin is not protected from the Sun.
In rare cases, Branca, managed-especially in the form of tincture, can not be tolerated by the digestive tract, creating moods of nausea and vomiting, in which case the Administration will be interrupted. Use capsules, much better assimilated by the body.

A warm call

In Romania there are thousands of couples who cannot have children, although they want it with ardor. These people need the help of those that (advice) have already achieved therapeutic results with Branca-bear. Kindly, so those who have already obtained positive results in treating infertility, being able to have children, to communicate the experience section with comments below. This amazing herb medicine needs to be studied and be made known to more people who need it, and your accounts. We will be a very great help in this respect.

In our country, the capsules of Branca-bear are produced by the Romanian company "Medica Disease". The products are available in pharmacies and herbal stores or, or can be ordered directly at:

Phone: (021) 351 47 77 Fax: (021) 351 47 78
Mobile: 0764 312 821 or via the internet at flyers heracleum-60cps

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