Sales by phone-operator call center

Medica ProNatura Norka recruits by phone call center responsibilities:-contacting clients by telephone; -identification of potential clients; -calls towards potential customers from a database provided by the employer; -interacting with clients to provide them with information about services, products, campaigns; -managing and developing client portfolio; -presentation, promotion [...]

We Employ A Childcarer Medica ProNatura

Requirements: responsible for secretarial and accounting operations primary (billing, ordering, operating documents/archiving documents, contracts). Manage phone calls and correspondence. Management and document management. Preparing various reports upon request. Various activities of the protocol. Honesty, reliability, toughness, responsible and willing to learn. Good knowledge of PC operation: MC Office (Excel and Word). Orderly person, careful [...]

Sales Representative

We are looking for contributors nationwide for the post of sales representative. Want to build a career in sales? You are a dynamic person with power of persuasion, enthusiastic and perseverance? Do you have communication skills and power of persuasion or want to boast of? Do you want your income to be as effort? You want a [...]

ProNatura company aims to promote complementary therapies (physiotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc.) with actual effects, lacking the innocuous, easy to manage and cheap, by associating the allopathic treatment and complementary methods, traditional, applied by the curanti doctors (those more able to choose the appropriate remedy for each patient).
Also, global experience showed us that natural therapies are very effective if used in prophylaxis or combined with various remedies, thanks to the synergic effect. To take advantage of the properties of a natural remedy is good to follow the 3 stages of its mandatory: detoxifying and re-balancing treatment-critical metabolic itself. Furthermore, it has been clinically shown necessity of any form of treatment or of an allopathic complementary diet and way of life corresponding to the respective pathology.