Fibromyalgia-description and Treatment

Fibromyalgia Syndrome-FMSFibromyalgia is a non-inflammatory suffering which consists in chronic pain, diffuse spread throughout the body, associated with reduced pain threshold and the presence of some specific points, painful pressure and a multitude of other symptoms: fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, etc.

Unlike other rheumatic diseases, pain in Fibromyalgia is not localized strictly to the joints and is not accompanied by joint swelling unless occurs in a patient with a rheumatic disease concomitant inflammatory (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis).

Although Fibromyalgia is not a new disease, it has been a long time considered a rheumatism psihogenic based on untreated mental disorders. Only in 1976, introduces the term Fibromyalgia Hench, starting from the term fibrozita used by Gowers in 1904 to describe patients suffering resimteau pain at the touch of light in some points, in the absence of a local inflammations. Subsequently anatomical location is described these painful points will become criteria for classification of the disease. Read more

Immunity and Allergies


The immune system It is different from other systems in the body in that it does not represent a physical structure, but a set of complex interactions involving different organs and structures, including white blood cells, spinal marrow, lymph vessels, lymph nodes, spleen, nodule cells specialized in certain tissues of the body and specialized substances called antibodies, which are present in the blood. Ideally, all these components work together to protect the body against infections and other diseases.

The immune system is the key to fight against any problems, starting with small scratches and mutant viruses that abound today. Even the aging process can be associated rather with decreasing immune officials than with the passage of time. Immune system disorders from diminishing its functioning, as well as autoimmune diseases and allergic reactions.

Allergy is an abnormal reaction, exaggerated and disproportionate, excessive immune system of an organism, compared antigens exogenous (that are well tolerated by normal subjects) that produce damaging healthy tissue.

Classification of allergies

  • Type I anaphylactic reaction: can be universal, but also geographical variations, such as: food, medicines, bees, vispi, etc.
  • Type II mediated cytotoxic reaction or antibody autoimmune hemolytic anemia: anemia, caused by medications, transfuzitionale accidents.
  • Type III reaction mediated by immune complexes: microbial and viral, intrinsic Antigen (DNA) and tumor factors.
  • Type IV cell-mediated reaction: chronic intracellular bacterial infections, fungal infections and viral infections.

Risk factors: include factors tied to age, disease concomimmune-allergicitente such as asthma or other chronic respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, atopic diseases mastocitoza or severe, such as severe allergic rhinitis/asthma. Some medications may increase risk of reaction and they severe, such as beta-blockers or certain antihypertensives-angiotensin-converting enzyme.

Treating allergies For the treatment of various allergies can apply several methods, namely:

  1. Avoiding alergent factor;
  2. Removal of alergent factor;
  3. Desensitization or ' degranulation of mast cells is the administration of controlled doses of the allergen is standardized, with the aim of increasing tolerance to that allergen. It represents the only therapy that is involved in the mechanism of occurrence of the disease, as opposed to pharmacological therapy, which block or reduce clinical manifestations of allergic diseases.

Natural treatments against allergies

ProNatura has a wide range of products of the highest quality with proven effects along time. Through a return to nature has been unable to establish a connection with the human nature which is interconnected.

1) Amrita Biotics 3 x It is a multifunctional complex known as the "food of the gods", obtained after an aerobic and anaerobic fermentations pollen culture of Kombucha. Through these fermentations is imitating the natural process by which we obtain pastura (bee bread). This process aims to release nutrients from the pollen through the removal of exine layer indestructible and intina. Kombucha has the role of strengthening the immune system acting at the level of intestinal flora, probiotics through prebioticelor and postbioticelor what a high level to maintain the health of the entire body, it can be used in the process of desensitization.

2) ImunoRoyal Junior through its composition: propolis, pollen, Royal Jelly and Echinacea it has an important role in enhancing and strengthening the immune system by bringing an additional intake of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and growth factors. It besides strengthening role has antimicrobial and antiviral in nature and what is involved if the ENT infections and reduce inflammation is found.

banner 300x250b3) Nazomer Alergo Stop It is a product which contains extracts of Boswellia serrata, Black Currant (Ribes nigrum), peppermint (Mentha piperita), Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilae), Yucca (Yucca schidigera) which in combination with seawater hipertona Emil wetting effect to fluidificand mucozitatiilor lining, and later through the effects of its antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral removes allergens existing at this level.

4) Probioflora by Lactobacilli, Kombucha and Fibrulinacontribuie restore intestinal flora and increases immunity, stimulate defense mechanisms and contains natural antioxidants lowers the negative effect of free radicals.

Although the each man has a natural immunity that can withstand the action of various pests, this time may be affected resulting in an imbalance of the entire body. A reduction in the capacity of defense can be induced by Cesarean birth, breastfeeding and artificial as well as administration of medication (especially antibiotics, chemotherapy) that alter the balance of intestinal flora, the most important factor for maintaining immunity.

Macular degeneration without Lucentis and Avastin

All I've heard the expression: "I'd rather stick a finger in the eye, but ..."

Lucentis-Avastin Well, it seems that the best treatments for AMD (age-related macular degeneration), Lucentis and Avastin, which this and do you put directly into the eye very dangerous side misfortune. Pharmaceutical industry with their men of science had "committed again" and new research demontreaza and the negative effects of these treatments made from produce to cash.AMD-macular

What is AMD?
AMD (macular degeneration due to the rising age) is a ochiulara and a leading cause of vision loss among older people. This causes damage to the macula, a small place near the center of the retina, the part of the eye needed for sharp eyesight, which allows us to see objects even in front of us.
In some people, AMD so slowly advancing way as vision loss occurs for a long period of time. In other cases, the disease progresses faster and may result in a loss of vision in one or both eyes. As AMD progresses? Blurry area close to the Centre of vision is a common symptom. Along time, the încetosata area can grow larger or may develop white spots in the central area. Objects, too, might not be as para bright as before. AMD itself does not lead to complete blindness, nor the ability to see. However, loss of central vision may interfere with daily activities, such as the simplest things, ability to see faces, drive a car, read, write or do little things around the House.

First let's take a quick look at Lucentis and Avastin for eyes, as the pain is not the worst thing compared to what may cause these two drugs.

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Four natural solutions that relieves Bronchitis

Eucalyptus oil is one of the most effective treatments. Discover what other remedies recommended physician immunologist Tania Babatunde!

One of the most common diseases of the airway, trachea and lungs affects the bronchitis, and in many cases is the consequence of netratării appropriate and timely to simple colds or flu viruses produced complications. Although it can be caused by bacteria, but viruses and include: coronavirus, adenovirus, rhinovirus, or only 10% of cases of bronchitis requires medical treatment and the rest can be treated using herbal remedies.

How to recognize the first signs of bronchitis

Bronchitis is manifested at the beginning by a dry cough. Read more


Among the sufferings that affects a large number of people can be counted and spasmofilia, a condition difficult to bear. Spasmofilia is an illness that should not be ignored. Although it is found quite often in today's society as a disorder with acute forms, is often interpreted as being something else. Spasmofilia affects, in particular, young women. It is a latent condition, with periods in which fails to Archuleta, interrupted by short bouts. Declanșatori factors, in particular, is lack of vitamins and minerals in the body: calcium and magnesium.spasmofilie To confirm the suspicion of spasmophilia, doctor may ask a electromiogramă, that analyzes the activity of muscles. This may reveal a muscular activity, which betray hiperexcitabilitatea.
According to current concepts in the manufacture of this disorder are participating multiple factors: Ionic imbalances maintained a hormone (hormone paratiroidieni disorders and estrogen) except where hormonal disorders have some good causes, in many situations encountered in clinical psychosomatic disorder, is favored by a predisposition towards mental reactivity. Spasmophilia crises are impressive in terms of clinical manifestations: tremor, grip jaw muscles, muscle contracture of the fingers, the question for the voice, all these manifestations being usually calm down in the emergency room by injecting a preparation of calcium. These violent crises is associated with an impaired general condition between bouts, with bouts of crying by predisposition, emotions, insomnia. Read more

Colds and flu-to defend ourselves naturally

With the coming cold season begin to make their appearance colds and flu. The flu is caused by a virus from the upper level horses. We are prone to influenza virus infectam with us if they come in contact with an infected person, with fine droplets from sneezing or coughing, even when they touch contaminated surfaces. Worldwide there are over 200 viruses that cause colds and flu that causes 3. Also, there are many strains of flu viruses, that's why we designed natural medicines based on herbs to protect ourselves against the most common strains.

Colds and flu (Cold and Flu)

The seasons in which this condition occurs often are fall and winter, but summer is not excluded entirely its appearance. Exposure to cold air does not cause disease itself but temperatures can irritate the lining of the Airways and creates such conditions that favor the development of viruses. But not only the cold flu appearance favors. There are a number of conditions that lead to lower the body's defence capacity: imbalanced nutrition, stress, chronic fatigue, aggressive treatments. Combating these factors reduces the risk of developing acute diseases. Children make four times more common Viral infections than adults, because of the lack of maturarii of the immune system. Flu symptoms occur in three to four days after contacting the virus; they begin suddenly and manifests itself in general through the sensation of dryness of the nose and throat, then a runny nose, sneezing and historical context appears on the nose. Read more


Psoriasis 2 factors Overview

It is a chronic skin disease with long-term development, with improvements and exacerbations, characterized by the emergence of red spots covered by crusts or shells ivory-white, sometimes with a silver tint, easily removable. Affects both women and men equally, and the onset of the disease occurs most often between 15-20 years. "A second debut may occur between 50-55 years old, the third being in childhood generally between 8-10 years. However there are cases reported at birth or at a young age extremely lodged ". Read more

Anemia, semnul unei afectiuni severe

symptoms of anemiaFatigue, paleness, headache we should raise questions, as they may be symptoms of anemia. In the absence of symptoms, anemia is discovered by chance, through the analysis of blood.
Anemia is caused by a decrease in the number of red blood cells (RBCs or erythrocytes) below normal values or modifying their shape, size and loading with hemoglobin (hemoglobin concentration).
A person anemica can be considered when hemoglobin drops below 13 g% in men and up to 12% in women.
Among the signs of anemia: fatigue, lethargy, weight in breathing, weakening of sight, insomnia, paleness, fatigue, palpitations, anorexia, language-level changes, dizziness, headache and sometimes swelling of the lower limbs.
Anemia is not a disease in itself, but, rather, the sign of a more severe disease.
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Treatment of DIABETES MELLITUS type 1 and 2

Diabetes mellitus is a condition in which the body is unable to metabolize carbohydrates properly. In diabetes, the pancreas fails to produce sufficient insulin, insulin or effective as it is a hormone that controls the level of carbohydrates from the blood. The result is hyperglycemia, meaning excess sugar in the blood. Diabetes, most often develops in two basic models. In type I diabetes, the insulin-secreting pancreatic cells what are damaged and thus appear insufficient insulin. In type II diabetes, which is the most common, insulin is produced in normal amounts but its use in orgasnismului cells is impossible, such as in the case of a high-fat diet. Diet high in fat and sometimes present in diabetes mellitus causes a stagnation of energy in the liver, a condition of excess leading to imbalance in spleen and pancreas through the cycle of creation and destruction of the five elements (see the cycle of creation and controlpancreatic secretions), becoming less effective, such as insulin.

Diabetes Read more

Skin conditions

skin care skin affections According to traditional medicine, dermatologic are tightly connected to the lodge, but the energy of the lung and the liver and kidneys (the latter helping to purify the blood, otherwise it may get toxins in the skin). Read more