L'Alzheimer ’ s piano d'azione

Is it really Alzheimer’s? How to find out and intervene early to maintain the highest quality of life

“Most of us will either get Alzheimer’s or care for a loved one who has. This action plan can empower you to make a difference.”—Mehmet C. Oz, M.D.

What would you do if your mother was having memory problems?

Alzheimer’s is a disease affecting more than five million Americans, with a new diagnosis being made every seventy-two seconds. Millions more are worried or at risk due to mild memory loss or family history. Although experts agree that early diagnosis and treatment are essential, many people with memory loss and their families—and even their doctors—don’t know where to turn for authoritative, state-of-the-art advice and answers to all of their questions.

Now, combining the insights of a world-class physician and an award-winning social worker, this groundbreaking book tells you everything you need to know, including:

The best tests to determine if this is—or is not—Alzheimer’s disease
The most (and least) effective medical treatments
Affrontare i cambiamenti comportamentali ed emotivi attraverso le fasi iniziali ed intermedie
L'accesso agli ultimi test clinici
Capire il futuro di Alzheimer ’ s

Clear, compassionate, and empowering, The Alzheimer’s Action Plan is the first book that anyone dealing with mild memory loss or early Alzheimer’s must-read in order to preserve the highest possible quality of life for as long as possible.


Un manuale di agopuntura applicata Kinesiologia Israele

Ha la caratteristica di essere innovativi, poiché usato più avanzati programmi del momento (Zbruch per 3D e Poser, Illustrator e Photoshop per la grafica e InDesign per l'impaginazione), disegni sono in genere più efficace di quello che puoi trovare alla Stati Uniti e in altri paesi di lingua di inglese o in Belgio. Il tempo di guadagni kinesiologi per eseguire procedure complesse.

– punti di agopuntura
– modi digitali,
– neuro vascolare, neuro linfatico grafici
– Kinesiologia olografica,
– punto riflesso energia nutrizionale,
– Riflessologia,
– dente Kinesiologia,
– accutouch,
– midollo rotolo imbardata
– cloacal,
– andature,
– osso ioide,
– accu 5 e 7 (i cinque elementi e il 7 elementi)
– chakra
– formare 8...

PDF | 48 pagine | 37,7 mb
Un manuale di agopuntura applicata Kinesiologia Israele

Abilitazione, la valutazione e la riabilitazione ortopedica

This text covers every aspect of musculoskeletal system rehabilitation. It extends even further into such topics as alternative medicine, holistic therapies, acupuncture, neurophysiologic testing, overuse injuries, work assessment, and outcome measures. Each chapter covers the basic science of the subject, clinical assessments as well as rehabilitation options, methods, and their outcomes.

| PDF | 660 pages | 4 MB
Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Assessment, and Enablement

Prova e ricerca razionale basata su farmaci cinesi

After the successful introduction of acupuncture to the West, recent advances in analytical methods in chemistry, molecular biology and systems biology.

Cespecially the development of the omic technologies.

Chave again brought Chinese drugs into the focus of research on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

| PDF | 450 pages | 10 MB
Prova e ricerca razionale basata su farmaci cinesi

Diagnosi: Approccio basato su un sintomo

Diagnosi: Un approccio basato su sintomo in medicina interna è una concisa guida alla diagnosi di varie condizioni, sulla base dei sintomi presentati. Il libro discute in dettaglio sia comuni che rari sintomi e la loro interpretazione, per aiutare gli operatori ottenere un'accurata diagnosi e prescrivere un trattamento appropriato. Con l'aiuto di illustrazioni e immagini, il testo guida anche gli studenti e i clinici attraverso possibili bandiere rosse, aiutandoli non a mis-diagnosticare alcuni disturbi.


Guida di identificazione, foraggiamento e l'utilizzo di piante medicinali

Ever wondered about the benefits of dandelion, chickweed, and elder? Healing Herbs is an essential reference for the beginning herbalist, featuring 20 common herbs, many of which are considered weeds, that can often be found in hedgerows, meadows, and wild places.

Along with medicinal information, this book includes traditional folklore and fortifying recipes for each edible or medicinal plant, and plenty of easy-to-follow instructions to help fill a backyard herbalist’s medicine chest with remedies to keep the whole family happy and healthy.

Healing Herbs is conveniently organized by plant, making it easier for the home herbalist to find, identify, and use healing plants from the backyard. Herbalist Tina Sams identifies the 20 most common and healthful herbs and over 100 natural remedies that are easy, inexpensive, and effective. This illustrated guide is fundamental for any nature-lover’s library.