De Alzheimer ’ s-actieplan

Is it really Alzheimer’s? How to find out and intervene early to maintain the highest quality of life

“Most of us will either get Alzheimer’s or care for a loved one who has. This action plan can empower you to make a difference.”—Mehmet C. Oz, M.D.

What would you do if your mother was having memory problems?

Alzheimer’s is a disease affecting more than five million Americans, with a new diagnosis being made every seventy-two seconds. Millions more are worried or at risk due to mild memory loss or family history. Although experts agree that early diagnosis and treatment are essential, many people with memory loss and their families—and even their doctors—don’t know where to turn for authoritative, state-of-the-art advice and answers to all of their questions.

Now, combining the insights of a world-class physician and an award-winning social worker, this groundbreaking book tells you everything you need to know, including:

The best tests to determine if this is—or is not—Alzheimer’s disease
The most (and least) effective medical treatments
Omgaan met gedrags- en emotionele veranderingen door de vroege en Midden fase
Toegang tot de meest recente klinische proeven
Inzicht in de toekomst van Alzheimer ’ s

Clear, compassionate, and empowering, The Alzheimer’s Action Plan is the first book that anyone dealing with mild memory loss or early Alzheimer’s must-read in order to preserve the highest possible quality of life for as long as possible.


Een handleiding van acupunctuur toegepaste Kinesiologie Israël

It has the characteristic of being innovative, since It used the most advanced programs of the moment (Zbruch for 3D and Poser, Illustrator and Photoshop for graphics and InDesign for page layout), drawings are generally more effective than what you can find in the U.S. and other English speaking countries or in Belgium. The Kinesiologists gains time to perform complex procedures.

content :
– meridians
– acupuncture points
– digital modes,
– neuro vascular, neuro lymphatic charts
– holographic kinesiology,
– nutritional energy reflex point,
– reflexology,
– tooth kinesiology,
– accutouch,
– pith roll yaw
– cloacal,
– gaits,
– hyoid,
– accu 5 and 7 (the five elements and the 7 elements)
– chakra
– form 8..

PDF | 48 pages | 37.7 mb
Een handleiding van acupunctuur toegepaste Kinesiologie Israël

Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Assessment and Enablement

This text covers every aspect of musculoskeletal system rehabilitation. It extends even further into such topics as alternative medicine, holistic therapies, acupuncture, neurophysiologic testing, overuse injuries, work assessment, and outcome measures. Each chapter covers the basic science of the subject, clinical assessments as well as rehabilitation options, methods, and their outcomes.

| PDF | 660 pages | 4 MB
Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Assessment, and Enablement

Bewijs en rationele gebaseerd onderzoek naar Chinese Drugs

After the successful introduction of acupuncture to the West, recent advances in analytical methods in chemistry, molecular biology and systems biology.

Cespecially the development of the omic technologies.

Chave again brought Chinese drugs into the focus of research on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

| PDF | 450 pages | 10 MB
Bewijs en rationele gebaseerd onderzoek naar Chinese Drugs

Diagnose: Een symptoom gebaseerde aanpak

Diagnosis: A Symptom-based Approach in Internal Medicine is a concise guide to diagnosis various conditions, based on the symptoms presented. The book discusses in detail, both common and uncommon symptoms and their interpretation, to help practitioners achieve an accurate diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment. With the help of illustrations and images, the text also guides students and clinicians through possible red flags , helping them not to mis-diagnose certain disorders.


Gids voor het identificeren, foerageren, en het gebruik van medicinale planten

Ooit afgevraagd over de voordelen van de paardebloem, Vogelmuur, en ouderling? Healing kruiden is een essentiële informatiebron voor de begin kruidkundige, met 20 gemeenschappelijke kruiden, waarvan vele worden beschouwd als onkruid, die kunnen vaak worden gevonden in heggen, weiden en wilde plaatsen.

Samen met geneeskrachtige informatie bevat dit boek traditionele folklore en vitaal recepten voor elke eetbare of medicinale plant, en tal van gemakkelijk-aan-volg instructies om te helpen een achtertuin herbalist's boordapotheek vullen met remedies te houden de hele familie gelukkig en gezond.

Healing kruiden is gunstig georganiseerd door plant, waardoor het makkelijker voor de home kruidkundige te vinden, het identificeren, en het gebruik van geneeskrachtige planten uit de achtertuin. Kruidkundige Tina Sams identificeert de 20 meest voorkomende en gezonde kruiden en meer dan 100 natuurlijke remedies die gemakkelijk, goedkoop en effectief. Deze geïllustreerde handleiding is van fundamenteel belang voor elke natuurliefhebber bibliotheek.