Kefir diet - how to lose five kilograms in three days

Kefir diet is an easy way to lose weight without suppressing appetite as do certain dietary supplements; This diet helps metabolism and thus the smooth digestion. The symbiotic microorganisms fermeteaza kefir, making it a wonder food for the body.

No need to exhaust yourself physically in the gym or starving yourself to have a dream figure. First, a healthy diet requires adequate nutrition. If you constantly stuffed body fat, high-calorie foods, alcohol, processed foods intense, your digestion will suffer at some point. Uncontrolled and irrational nutrition needs purification kefir cures even one or two days a week. It is extraordinarily healthy enough to receive nutrenti and liquid to compensate for nutrient rich. So you can start anytime kefir diet.

Kefir comes from the Turkish word keif what does it mean feeling better after eating. For centuries, kefir and it was attributed healing powers, but has recently become the subject of scientific research to determine its therapeutic value.
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New balsamic vinegars from KOMBUCELL

Kombucha vinegar can be considered a true elixir of a healthy life.
The product is obtained by fermentatia, on a substrate composed of a multitude of plants rich in active principles.

Presents a delicate taste, rich and intense, a vinegar which is distinguished by a complexity of perfumes and through a special flavor.

Recommended for salads, sauces and other dishes; It can be consumed and the dilution with water and sweetened with honey.
Balsamic vinegar with Kombucha must be kept in a cool and dry place.

What is kombucha?
KOMBUCHA-The Miracle Of Nature!
Vinegar-based kitchen, possessing multiple therapeutic virtue.


Balsamic Vinegars

Vinegar, customary in the kitchen, has multiple therapeutic virtue.

Promotional packages containing 4 500 ml bottles of the same kind, have a 25% discount

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Why resist the honey a few thousands of years without having to ruin?

Archaeologists of our time have discovered many amazing things in Egyptian tombs. Among the jewels and other treasures hidden in these mysterious places include vessels containing honey dating now several thousand years and which continues to be good to eat despite the passage of time.

There are some other foods that are kept in good condition, for a long time: salt, sugar and rice are some of them. However, honey is special: it resists the passage of time and remains in a completely edible; Maybe I didn't want to taste or eat raw rice, but we can open an urn with honey for a few years now and enjoy it without any particular prepare as if it were one day old. Furthermore, the longevity of honey gives it and other properties (such as medicinal ones) that other foods with a long service life. This makes us ask ourselves-what do honey to be a food so special?

One answer is almost as complex as the aroma of honey: several factors working in perfect harmony in order to achieve this effect.

The first reason is due to the chemical composition of honey. Honey is primarily a sugar. Sugars are hygroscopic, which means that in their natural state contain very little water, but that can easily absorb from the atmosphere if not covered. "Honey, in its natural form, contains very little moisture. In such an environment very few bacteria or microorganisms can survive, so that they die ", explains Amina Harris, executive director under Honey and Pollination Center Robert Mondavi Institute of the University of California. Harris's explanation reveals an important element of longevity of honey: for honey to spoil, it needs to be something inside it to spoil. In such an unpleasant environment, organisms may not survive long enough in honey to have opportunity to "spoil" this food.

Also, honey is highly acidic. "It has a pH of what is found somewhere between 3 and 4.5, about, and this acid will kill almost anything it wants to grow in honey," says Harris. Thus, bacteria and other organisms that shortens the life of foodstuffs are forced to look for another host, as life expectancy in honey is very low.

However, the honey is not only food hygroscopic. Molasses, for example, a residue that comes from the extraction of sugar from beets, is highly hygroscopic and is acidic (but less honey, with a pH of 5.5). However, although tolerate syrup production breaks down eventually.

Why a sugar breaks down, and the honey will resist forever? Bees play a role as well.

Nectar, material collected by bees to make honey, is naturally very rich in water (representing 60%-80% of the total mass of the nectar). In the process of producing honey, bees play an important role in removing them from the water, beating wings to dry out the nectar. In addition to the beating of wings, may have contributed to the longevity of honey. There is a bee in the stomach enzyme is referred to as glucozoxidază. When bees regurgitates the nectar to produce honey, this enzyme is mixed with nectar and it breaks down into two components: gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide. "Hydrogen peroxide is the other element that acts against all noxious elements that might develop in honey," explains Harris.

For this reason, honey has been used for centuries as a medicinal remedy. Because it's so thick, because they reject any kind of micro-organism and because it contains hydrogen peroxide, honey represents perfect barrier against infection in case of injuries. Sumierene clay tablets describing the oldest documented use of honey for medicinal purposes, records from that period pointing out that honey was used in 30% of the recipes. The ancient Egyptians also used honey for medicinal purposes, regularly producing ointments for skin diseases and eye. "The honey was used to cover a wound, a burning and other similar problems, because it does not allow any micro-organism to grow, making it a natural bandage," explains Harris.

Furthermore, when honey is not stored in a jar, it absorbs moisture. "As it absorbs water from the wound, which otherwise would have allowed infection, honey release a very small amount of hydrogen peroxide. This is exactly what we need-is sufficiently reduced in a way that stimulates healing, "says Harris. Moreover, honey is used for that purpose today: Derma Sciences company marketed in hospitals around the world MEDIHONEYplasters and bandages, covered with honey what stimulates healing.

The last factor that explains the longevity of honey is that it is held in closed vessels. Although honey is a superaliment, it is not supernatural: If you want to keep in an environment that was moist, it will spoil. "As long as the cover is placed and do not add water, the honey will not hurt. If you add water, however, can hurt honey. Also, if you open the lid, water can penetrate into the vessel and can lead to damage to the honey, "explains Harris.

So, if you want to store the honey for hundreds or thousands of years, do what I do and the honey bees and keep sealed.

The most effective natural antidepressant

AntidepressantsMany people struggle with feelings of depression, sadness or General suffering intense. Natural products from plants have been used since ancient times due to its nutritional benefits and holistic it offers. Many of the substances that we encounter in the content of these natural remedies have been extensively studied for their therapeutic value. These are substances natural 23 may contribute to balancing the mental and biochemistry address nutritional deficiencies. Read more

The woman at the 42-year-old looks like a teenage girl

What is her secret?

It's called Lure Hsu, is interior designer and has Acheter viagra 42-year-old.
Yes, you read right! Has 42 years and looks like a 15 year old.

Certainly I have seen teenage girls who looked more mature than Lure. It is from Taiwan and became famous in the online environment after a relative has posted a photograph of Hsu's Lure in celebration of the 40th anniversary. Everyone believed that it was a mistake and that it is impossible to look at this age.

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EROS ®-male Marathon

What man wants sexual performance? Now we can help you get the champion with EROS ®!

Originally from Southeast Asia, Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed or Yin Yang Huo), also known as "grass of Aries", was first mentioned in ancient Chinese medical texts. Nowadays, Horny Goat Weed is gaining increasingly greater popularity. Be grown in plantations of bamboo or in forests with humid climate in China. Sharp leaf shape of this plant resembles săgetile şugubăţului Eros. It does not greşea never săgetile his top target, the souls of the "victims" of his burning passion of love.

So, Epimedium, name, helping as the power of love to keep always at the highest odds. The leaves and roots of this plant contain the most active principles: flavone glycosides and ikarisoside B, C, D, E and F, icariin, baohuoside I, epimedin A, epimedin B, epimedin C, flavonoids, etc. .. Read more

Miracle foods for the body

Nutritious food that we protect the principal organs.

Vegetables and fruit indicated by nutritionists must be eaten fresh, frozen, and times of medicinal plants should be given in the form of infusions, tinctures or compresses.

To heart:

1. sprouts contain iron and potassium-needed heart and blood circulation

2. broccoli-the contents of calcium, iron and carotene, prevents heart attacks and atherosclerosis

3. radish-heart attacks, defending against

4. Orange-has few calories, contains vitamin C and decreases the amount of cholesterol in the blood

5. carrot-folic acid and Bioflavonoids protect the heart contained in carrots Read more

The ORIGINAL METHOD for pollen processing with therapeutic results encouraging

Dr. Ike Majid and collaborators: Dr. Kayitana, Dr. Carter, Dr. Carter Mafi

The end product of fermentation was named Amrita-the food of the gods in Sanskrit.
It is an adaptogen, tonic acting on the whole body, thus creating a State of well being.

An exceptional new product!

Amritafood of the gods, is obtained through biological processes, imitating the bees create pastura. Fermentatiile aerobic and anaerobic culture of pollen polifloral of Kombucha exine layer break releasing protein, essential amino acids and oligopeptide, a multitude of enzymes (oxidoreductases, izomeraze, transferaze, degree hydrolysates, lipases, etc.), fatty acids, polyphenols, flavonoids, auxine and nucleic acids, vitamins and hydro-lipo-soluble (A, C, D, E, K and B complex) and various minerals (sodium, potassium, nickel , titanium, etc.). Containing a complempleta range of nutrients and a multitude of therapeutic active principles is a "natural pharmacy", a complex of Prebiotics, probiotics (bacteria selective) and postbiotice (nutrients) and antioxidants.

Through the diversity of components, polifloral effect shows pollen hipolipidic and hipoglicemic as well as the ability to reduce the aggregation platelara, an antibiotic action against Gram + bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus), Gram-bacteria (Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumonia, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa) and yeasts (Candida albicans). Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, the aid that we give in mental anxiety and depression, is a valuable supplement in the diet.

Polifloral pollen fermentation is in particular a rich nutritional product, a source of high quality protein and balanced content of amino acids with a wide range of chemical elements such as salvestroli, which may come in the human body and helps maintaining healthy body.
Fermentatia aerobic and anaerobic create active principles biovalabile adsorbed easily leading to superior therapeutic effects. In the process of fermentation, enzymes from pollen allergens, annihilate making Amrita a product available for desensitization. Improved content against pollen polifloral in alctic acid, vitamin K, enzymes and monosaccharide that can be more easily assimilated.

Kombucha is proodus through fermentation aerobic and anaerobic conversion of black/green tea with sinbiotice and yeast colonies. Kombucha contains microorganisms and nutrients such as Bacteria, Yeast, organic acids such as acetic acid, gluconi, minerals.

Ajurta body Biocompusii contained in pathological, so helping the liver by glucuronic acid regenerandu it. In the gut proper functioning of the system promotes stomach especially by microflora. Due to its high content in polyphenols has potent antioxidant effects.

To demonstrate the beneficial effects of this product, there have been three studies:

  1. The study was conducted on 4 subjects (three of which are men, with an average age of 42 years), in apparent good health, with the help of Dr. Florin Bratilei from
    National Institute of integrative medicine. Electrografice records in camp Kirlian electroluminescent (Dr. Corneliu Moldovan, Alexandru Moldovan, BEng), were facure in electroluminiscenta spectrometric recordings. The test was based on records of electrografice policelui type before and Kirlian 24 hours after administration of the supplement. Imaging testing methodology has been made by comparison between two solutions: a solution of distilled water and Bright and a solution of distilled water and talcum powder. It has been noted the improvement in the condition of all the tests carried out.
  2. Study on the subject, Dr. Kayitana, Soma Clinic in Bucharest. The subject has been examined with Metatron in terms of energies of the chakras, the various organs and the observed changes in terms of emotional energy, right/left symmetry and balancing organs. Taking into account the initial state-without administration of Ambrosia, after 2 days of and after a month of administration of this product. The subject felt an improvement in all the areas involved in the research. Study by Dr. Kayitana on topic with the pathological condition (dysfunction in intestinal area). Appliances used were: Bio-Well, QRMA and Metatron, observandu results in an improvement of the immune system and the nervous system.
  3. Study in real time with METATRON-NLS-4027 METAPATHIA CLINICAL Dr. Rashid, Cluj. Subject, 47-year-old patient, smoker, working in a diverse environment with metal powders has accused the State of panic triggered by apneeice moods during sleep. After examination, it was discovered an outbreak of lung with atypia within framed nosologic as bronchial cancer. After treatment with fermented atomized, and pollen was noticed a change at the cellular and tissue level, mitochondrial.

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Amrita-Vitality of the five energy cores

Recently, Pro-Natura launched on the market, product nutritional supplements amrita, a tonic action on the entire body what nourishes the vitality of the five boxes at energy: kidney, liver, heart, stomach and lungs.

the cycle of creation and control

These organs relates in accordance with the "theory of the five elements" in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) combine the elements of nature: Earth, metal, water, wood and fire forming the five energy cores (1. Earth-spleen, pancreas, stomach 2. metal-lungs, intestine thick 3. water-kidneys, bladder 4.-liver, gallbladder 5. fire-heart, small intestine), which influnteaza each other through cycles of creation manifest contaminating, and control. (see Figure 1)

Considered the main treasure of the health system, Jing-along with your Qi is the energy system of the body; represents the source of energy for the reproductive system, youth, the psycho-motor development, optimal function of the immune system, mental energy, stamina, regeneration and longevity (proven fact of Japanese researchers by increasing the sizes of product management lunigimi Telomere beekeeping). There are hereditary and acquired jing jing, and in the case of a deficiency can be corrected through the administration of amrita. Read more

What is pi?

what-is-pi-waterPi It is produced by purifying and energizing of water by using plant Life Energy. Pi does not alter the water, has a very high microbiological purity and does not contain heavy metals. These qualities are essential in order to ensure the proper functioning of the human body.

Specialists have come to the conclusion that people who consume the water of PI will be struck by how much and quickly improve their health
• They say PI is the most pure water on the planet

Romanian scientist Henri Coandă international airport, said: "people are different because different water". This truth you argue and scientists who discovered a long-standing positive influence upon the body to clean. But where do get water? A solution would be water from stores that comes from springs. But it has been demonstrated that it is not just free of harmful substances. There is, however, a magical water, as if izvorîtă of fairy tales. Water is called PI and it says about her that's loaded with bioenergy, shall not alter, is a striking purity, free from bacteria and particles of heavy metals. Its effects on us are so beneficial that restore vitality and youth. This bottled water can be found, but we can produce and we, at home, with a special device. Imagine how much you would have earned everyone's health, if this vital liquid from the valve would be replaced with living water! Even those who do not suffer from any clinical condition, will feel that they are more lively. Read more