What is pi?

what-is-pi-waterPi It is produced by purifying and energizing of water by using plant Life Energy. Pi does not alter the water, has a very high microbiological purity and does not contain heavy metals. These qualities are essential in order to ensure the proper functioning of the human body.

Specialists have come to the conclusion that people who consume the water of PI will be struck by how much and quickly improve their health
• They say PI is the most pure water on the planet

Romanian scientist Henri Coandă international airport, said: "people are different because different water". This truth you argue and scientists who discovered a long-standing positive influence upon the body to clean. But where do get water? A solution would be water from stores that comes from springs. But it has been demonstrated that it is not just free of harmful substances. There is, however, a magical water, as if izvorîtă of fairy tales. Water is called PI and it says about her that's loaded with bioenergy, shall not alter, is a striking purity, free from bacteria and particles of heavy metals. Its effects on us are so beneficial that restore vitality and youth. This bottled water can be found, but we can produce and we, at home, with a special device. Imagine how much you would have earned everyone's health, if this vital liquid from the valve would be replaced with living water! Even those who do not suffer from any clinical condition, will feel that they are more lively.

Discovery epocală

PI energy found in nature, but due to environmental destruction no longer have access to it. Pollution, increasingly more aggressive, stop energy PI in the lower layers of the atmosphere. Based on these conclusions, the Japanese have invented the now 40-year-old complex technology that turns ordinary water into water. Dr. Shinji Makino, argues that "PI contributes to supply vital functions with bioenergy. Water energy PI acting up at the cellular level. PI water consumption is a simple way to maintain the health, physical efficiency and psychic ". Like any invention, PI has been tested for years in laboratories, on plants, animals, and human subjects. The results were delayed. Surprisingly, the PI has found utility not only health, but also in the industry, being used for more than two decades worldwide. For some years, and in Romania.

Miraculous effectswallpaper-violinist-in-the-rain-weather

It is said that Alexander himself has immortality through a ritual with water. Miraculous water is obtained through purification and bioenergizarea of drinking water by using plant Life Energy. Through special treatment, it removes harmful substances, add mineral salts required to obtain the quality of spring water, delete the "memory" of material have polluted water, readaptează water body needs to intensify the level of oxygen in the blood, it sets the PH level of the water to the optimal level for the human body (7.4). If it is consumed, the therapeutic effect of PI water varies from topic to topic and is dependent on the health of the body. PI may be water aura photographed and corresponds to the human energy field. By providing energy PI, it tends to bring the body to normal condition of health.

Disease symptoms disappear

During treatment, your body absorbs PI much easier and used by more than one effect on the cells of various cleaning toxins accumulated at the cellular level. Does not allow other kinds of toxins in the body. A balanced diet and consume enough of PI water (2 litres per day) of supporting the immune system, ensuring the defense of the organism. It was found that Digest, is effective in constipation (a glass of water on an empty stomach, PI), prevents the formation of kidney stones (renal function due to more intense) and dissolves kidney stones kidney stones already trained. In a few days of symptoms disappear. Reduce blood pressure and improve heart functions. Headaches are more rare and more easily.

FantanaVietii0The elixir of long life

PI helps liver functions, decreases dependence on alcohol, coffee and tobacco. Spectacular effects in the cure of bronchial asthma, bronşitelor, the sinuzitelor, the cefaleelor and the micozelor improvement. Regulates blood sugar levels, reduces edema of lower limbs due to fluid retention, increases the body's resistance to stress and heavy physical labor. A curious thing, that experts have not been able to explain, is that the water consumption PI, warts, however it would be old, begin to dry by itself, and the dermatozele are stopped from evolution. Rinse your face with water nourishes the skin leads to PI. Stop ' trickle ' gums and hampers the formation of tartar. PI-water compresses are very RESTful to the eyes tired. In most cases, it has been observed that individuals who consumed water PI give up sweetened a refreshments. In addition, it seems that therapy with water to keep the same lead PI textures of the body for 30 years! What does it mean, YouTube without growing old.

Condemns the deadly cancer

The main area of application of the PI. Although it is not a drug, this water has beneficial effects in the treatment of hepatitis, diabetes and even cancer. In the case of cancer, PI, and the tumor stops the development of the overall condition of the patient improves significantly. A group of Hungarian scientists have tested water effect PI (injected) of patients diagnosed with cancer, compared with other patients who have been administered with chemotherapy treatment. If the second group, some have died, those who have benefited from water beneficial changes have PI: some tumors have disappeared, others have been reduced significantly, and the rest were reduced symptoms manifest. From this experiment, doctors are using the Hungarian specialty clinics PI as adjuvant therapy in treating cancer. Due to its detoxifying, water consumers PI can have dizziness and diarrhea at the beginning of the treatment, for about 10-12 days. Because it has a refreshing effect, it is not recommended to drink water PI night. rainydayswallpapercollectionseriesone00.png

Wonders and in agriculture

Quality of agricultural soils irrigated with such water is superior to those treated with chemicals or genetic enhancers. Corn grows in height and make 6-8 cobs from plant. Production increased by 37.5%. Wet with water in only 45 PI days, melons grew up to 28.5 kg. Flowers sprinkled with water grow more frequent, PI and the same number of seeds, are springing up more. And in animal husbandry, living water has given spectacular results. Thus, meat chickens treated with water weights get PI 2.280 kg, with a daily increase of 273 g. Laying hens treated with water to give 92% with PI more eggs than others. The production is maintained for 960 days with daily deviations of only 1%. From the pigs which have been given to drink water, PI meat has increased by 4.1%, without either protein or other additives used in fertilizers. Used in the canning industry, bottling water ensures outstanding PI. Sausage ecological brînzeturile and treated with water, PI can be eaten even after 90 days of storage at room temperature! It's amazing, but decidedly: PI resistance and remove rust.

How to make water PI?

PI is obtained through Bio Energy System Control and Life with a Japanese patent. The device is a system of 6 successive layers (filter, activated carbon filter, filter ceramic lamp, ims, PI filter water filter and ceramic multistadic ceramic-based). The last filter, awarded to the most prestigious international salons of IAC, can hold 99, 99% of the inorganic and organic suspensions of water, bacteria larger than 0.5 microns, chlorine, phenols and pesticides, parasites and viruses. Water taken from any source, on a pass route battery spiral through filters and thus water is purified, measurable effect by analyzing water before and after filtering. The water plant PI exists in Romania, currently being produced, bottled and marketed by several companies. The price of a 6-litre pet bottle is 4 lei. The device in question can be purchased by anyone, but it seems that the price is extremely high, around 1,000 euros.

The most enigmatic substance on Earth

-Water is a basic compound of our somatic structure, 70% of the weight of the human body.
-Daily for an adult man is 2,5-3 litres of water. In general, not even half of this quantity is consumed directly in the form of drinking water, due to the fact that most of the time, the taste is unpleasant or water contains many impurities.
-A man can live without food, but 60 days without water cannot survive more than 4-5 days.
-Decreased with 4-5% of the water content in the body decreases with 20-30% of work capacity, and a 15% water loss causes death.
-Water from the body plays an important role in digestion, respiration and circulation. She is an excellent solvent of organic and inorganic substances. Without water, residual substances of the body we would poison. Insufficient water consumption determines fat deposition, weakening the muscle tone, lowering the efficiency of digestion, the functioning of all organs, increase the sensitivity of joints due to toxins accumulate in body image.
-For consumption needs in Romania for household needs and the public is given in 1343/77 STAS (expressed as l/man/day): 2.5 for drinking, for washing hands and 2-4, 20-25 for 200-250 for bathroom and shower. Plus: 13 litres for dishwashing, 13 litres for washing.
-Removal of water from the body through the kidneys is done (approximately 1,500 ml of urine in 24 hours) 1,000 ml, and yet through the skin (sweat) through the lungs with air and exhaled through the large intestine (feces).

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