Green Tea Coffee fit x 20 doses + 5 sachets free-promotion

green-tea-coffeeIngredients: powder of the leaves of green tea (Camellia sinensis) 998mg; extract from the seeds of green coffee (Coffea arabica) with 50% clorogenici 600mg acids; powder from vehicles parts aerial parts of Pãpãdie (Taraxacum officinale) 400 mg; scoartã of Scortisoarã powder (Cinnamomum cassia) 2 mg.

Green Tea Coffee Fit is efficient solution for reducing appetite and maintaining normal body greutãtii. Pãpãdia biliarã grãbind adjusts the secretion, digestion and contribute to a better functioning of the intestinal trazitului and urinary tract. Teina in green tea and clorogenici acids from green coffee to work together as a powerful antioxidant, detoxifying and by dissolving grãsimile in the body and thus reducing the absorption of fatty acids. Cinnamon tea a great prints aromã.

2-3 cups/day with half an hour before the main meal, înghititurã with înghititurã, a period of a month.
Preparation: infusion of 1 250 ml water dozã at clocotitã. It covers, allow 10-15 minutes.
Presentation: box with 25 sachets of 2, 00g/envelope.

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