Tea Pãpãdie x 20 doses + 5 sachets free-promotion

Dandelion tea,Ingredients: powder from vehicles parts aerial parts of pãpãdie (Taraxacum officinale) 1500mg/dozã.
Product amplificã removing water from the urinary level (without loss of potassium) favouring the Elimination of metabolic waste of the body and prevents the formation of microcalculi frequent urinations. Favorizeazã-level production digestive and elimination of bile leads to a normalisation of bowel habits and stop the evolution microcalulilor bile. The two effects are beneficial to reshape the silhouette.
Preparation: infusion of 1-2 doses to 250 ml water clocotitã. 3-4 cups/day
Presentation: Box of 25 doses x 1, 5 g

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  1. ion coltoias
    ion coltoias says:

    I want to make an order for tea bear grapes and nettle root (not capsules)
    please give me a lot to answer
    thank you


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