turmeric x 30 fpsIngredients: Turmeric (Curcuma longa)
-helps digestion;
-heart tonic;
-ensure the proper functioning of the joints.

Method of administration
1 x 3/day cps before main meals, with a glass of plain water or Pi.

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  1. Carlos.
    Carlos. says:

    I have moments of great pain; or depression and stress. They are pain throughout the body. Something like espasmofilia. That treatment with catering; vitamins and taychi yoga or gymnastics; could do .. At times more; critics; They highlight these "attacks". Thank you. Carlos.

    • ProNatura
      ProNatura says:

      1. First, you need a medical consultation to obtain a diachnostic.
      2. Natural supplements: 3xBiotics Amrita, Ashwagandha + Antistress
      3. Vegetarian diet.


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