D-talevit 10ml

Vegetable glycerin (99.5%) – 47,5%,
vitaminizant solution with D Vitamin (cholecalciferol – 300.000 I.U.) – 39,16% ,
Хидроалкохолни екстракт от плодове на арония (Aronia melanocarpa) – 13,34%.

Vitamin D3 is essential due to the help provided in calcium and phosphor absorption, two of the most important minerals responsible for the health of the bones. Moreover, Vitamin D3 aids in: maintaining the health of immune system, prevention of osteoporosis and rickets in children.

Aronia’s fruit has miraculous properties for health on the strength of the rich content in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

Administration method: 3 drops / day, where 20 drops represents 1 ml Vitamin D, solution.

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