Teeth is affected by food Indian, Italian and Oriental

PizzaChoose your favorite meal can have undesirable effects on the health of a person's teeth from stains and discoloration, tooth pain and degradation of joints pathologies.
Pizzas and pasta dishes are two very popular and almost no danger associated with tooth decay. Countertop pizza and pasta contain, however, in their great majority, refined carbohydrates, which are basically simple sugars image dissolves quickly. This leads to the rapid increase in acidity in the mouth, and when this is combined with the acidity of tomatoes, can lead to weakening the tooth enamel and dental sensitivity to cold and hot, which is never a pleasant thing, being sometimes the first sign concerning the occurrence of caries. The solution is to use a free chewing gums which cause a drooling more intense in order to increase the level of saliva from his mouth, which leads to a decrease in acidity.

pastaEvery adult has created a custom when it comes to eating, even chaotic and irregular tables representing a habit. However, among the foods some people even consume them daily and those who are attacking us, affecting teeth we smile, and good health. These foods affects our tooth enamel or oral pH, thus leading to the formation of patarea teeth, cavities, tartar or the bacterial plaque, which represents the first stage of parodontitis. "

On the other hand, not only tea and coffee are leading to the emergence of stains on teeth, but also eating some foods very rich in pigments. Indian and Chinese food presents this feature because of curry, which over time can lead to yellowing of the teeth, and soy sauce, too, can lead to the emergence of pete. Experts recommend that consumption of certain vegetables like broccoli and spinach before meals with soy sauce or curry, because they would leave a protective film on the surface of the teeth, thus protecting them against staining.

Although it may seem credible, and type of food consumed has an effect on the health of the joints of the mandible. Tough texture of the meat used for the preparation of chebapului is sometimes associated with the emergence of mandibular joint pain. Drinking large amounts of foods that require intense Mastication can mean an overload of mandible and its articulation, which leads to the appearance of discomfort or even pain.


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