Why do you need natural supplements?

Did you know that in Western countries, before beginning a medication therapy, doctors recommend a cure with natural supplements? To us, is consumed even 20 times fewer natural supplements per capita. Find out which are the most consumed us and why sometimes it is best to call them?

Natural Supplements

In Romania, complementary therapy with natural nutritional supplements are prescribed rarely if we look at our neighbours in Hungary where it consumes 8 times more per capita Add-ons, 12 times in Poland and in Germany 20 times more. Also in Western countries experienced much higher in this respect, the doctors before starting drug therapy, recommend first cure with this kind of natural supplements.

Dietary supplements are not drugs, they are intended mainly to improve certain health problems, can be used before or even during the medicinal treatments, in demanding period for the body as well as exams. Supplements help memory, strengthens the body's immunity, an excess of vitamins and minerals prevent atherosclerosis and kidney stones, etc.


Powder versus extract from the herb

It is important that nutritional supplements have an intake of larger API. The difference between a product on the basis of extract and powder-based one is radical, starting from the production process, resulting in the following extract of an entire technological process-raw material harvesting, storage, selecting that part of the plant that makes the best properties, its maceration, extraction, distillation, concetrare etc.

There are studies that show the differences between the therapeutic response appeared on the use of supplements based on extracts and powder-based, for example, are composed in the form of extract only 5 mg is equivalent to 1000 mg or more of powder.

"Many manufacturers grind the plant and put it into capsules. But, watch one thing essential: the area of contact is greater, will be less effective supplement in question. Therefore, a plant extract powder (passing only API) result after a long pharmacological processes digit which must be strictly respected "
explains Herman, PhD Professor Ovid pharmacist and member of the Academy of medical sciences.


Why do I have to call sometimes at the natural supplements?

I think the explanation of Professor Daniel Ovidiu, a pharmacist and member of the Academy of medical sciences is the most logical and will cause us to think twice more to our health:

  • breathe polluted air;
  • eat unhealthy and unbalanced;
  • the ability of the body's defense against environmental factors is extremely low;
  • I chimizat the soil and drain of nourishing substances.

For these reasons we need sometimes to take natural supplements, but does not have any natural supplement observe rules of good practice in the production of drugs (GMP = good manufacturing practice) and should be chosen with maximum attention from reliable manufacturers that hold trials for the product. "Prevention is the # 1 in the concerns of specialists around the world, taking into consideration the fact that it cost 10 times less than the treatment for a particular condition.

Through the contribution of these natural supplements can prevent various health problems. Allopathic medicine do not cut off the list, but it can be given only for a short period of time " explains Dr. Ovidiu Herman.

"We emphasize the fact that dietary supplements herbal not included in the category of drugs. The latter receive authorization for placing on the market on behalf of the National Medicines Agency, based on clear procedures ", international It said in a press release of the Ministry of health.

What natural supplements you consume the Romans?

supplements-natural According to the information provided by some experts in the field, most supplements are consumed vitamins and minerals, followed by those that protect and improve liver function (Silymarin was top choices). Silymarin is extracted from the seeds of Silybum marianum (milk thistle) and contains the silibina, silidianina and silicristina, with a stronger hepatoprotective action which is manifested through the restoration of liver cell membrane structure and neutralizing toxic substances. In general, it is recommended by Silymarin physicians in acute and chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, liver steatoses cases or protection in the case of persons working in toxic environments.

She also proved to be effective in protecting the body from the harmful effects of agents such as alcohol, cigarette smoke, pollution and various medications (hormonal, psychotropic substances). You can choose natural supplements with Silymarin or kwongsing milk thistle seeds, to put them in the water for infusion and consume the drink, but fitoterapeutul must you recommend dosage necessary. If you choose carefully grinding the seeds because they contain 30% fat and oxidize very quickly and become hepatotoxic.

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