Delta Vacaresti-First protected area inside the Bucharest

In 2011, discovered through objective apparatus in the middle of Bucharest, under rubbish and vegetation burned, a treasure of nature-Delta Văcărești. Since then he has made dozens of photographic sessions that documented the biodiversity of impressive blocks of Berceni district and became involved in the campaign launched by the save the Delta and National Geographic on the establishment of the protected area on the surface of the Delta. After years of efforts, the campaign on the brink of it's success, but the authorities intentionally postpones the final decision. Until then, Helmut Ibe explains his photos through what's important to protect Delta Văcărești, that could be the first protected area inside Bucharest.Delta-vacarestiHow have you discovered he was tortured and that means Delta for this place?
I received an assignment from National Geographic Romania for making a report about this place, which circulated rumors. First contacts in February 2011, were stark: a concrete Pier full of rubbish, a field with vegetation burned many acres, reeds dry, trim trees, aggressive dogs, etc. Gradually, however, fauna, flora and landscapes always the others, despite the relative small dimensions, they exceeded expectations by far. From awareness of the value of the ecosystem and the documentation for the report emerged and the idea of Natural Park, turned into a concrete project, managed with passion by the members of the initiative group (National Geographic, Save Delta, Ecopolis, Kogayon). I remember with pleasure as the first mention of a reference model-the Costanera Sur in Buenos Aires-I found it even in a material encountered in "the Green Report. Later, en route to Antarctica, I even managed to visit this place.

Many call this place a treasure trove of biodiversity. What are the most important and rare species that we've immortalized here?
Yes, it's a robust ecosystem that once protected, will provide all future generations an oasis of nature in their city, which will increase the value and hygiene as time. I have avoided big words, which creates a level too high expectations for those less familiar with conditions in the wild. For example, it has been propagated indefinitely in the press information that he was tortured to meet ' 94 for rare species of birds! This generates a great deal of disappointment for those who expected that, at the first visit, regardless of the season, to fly around their hundreds of copies of the 94 species rare, possibly looking superexotic! In reality, we are talking, of course, as with any other natural areas in the world, the total number of species reported and photographed over time, only part of which nest here (about 30 species), part can be found only in the passage or overwinter here.

Flora offers lovely images during the warm season. Of course, there are many species of insects, less interesting for the ignorant, but very important to the ecosystem, but of course we also have spectacular surprises, such as foxes and, especially, the sea otters. Identifying and classifying species deals with specialists, I myself to photography. Those interested in a detailed analysis of fauna and flora from Văcăreşti may refer to the "justification", made available to the public on the website Save The Delta.

Why does it need Only from Vacaresti?
Why parkland? Because the city had been kidnapped, after ' 89, hundreds of hectares of green spaces, and now we have to fight for each meter that can still be saved. Necessity of new parks is imposed not only by international standards, but also of their own development strategies (theoretical, because, in fact, Only a shameful last place in the standings of the European Green City Index, environmental governance chapter). In fact, neither is too much discussed here is obvious.

Why natural? Because the direction of the world return to nature and biodiversity in the inner cities, with major benefits for the population and a huge educational role for children. For this purpose, were created in the vast majority of important cities hundreds of protected natural areas. New York has 47, London over 40, Vienna 30% of the surface, and so on. Atlanta would be the first protected natural area and we hope to be just a beginning, a model for all cities. In the patriarchal-type parks can't make environmental education and cultivating the love for nature.

Why he was tortured? Because here you meet all the conditions, it has already created an ecosystem, in 25 years. I'm 25 years old somehow win, because a park created from "scratch", today will look really well over a very long time! Is a project of global notoriety, an ideal solution for air from a city. Any other proposal apart from the Park would mean concrete, which is inadmissible. Because it is the last chance, not mia any such suprafaşă.

How to run a photo session in the Park he was tortured?
There is a standard photo session. Means sunrise or sunset, the helicopter into the air or water with neoprene suit, on the terrace of the "Observatory" at the top, Asmita machine or Rin in reeds over two metres or in stifling heat, on boat or ger napraznic, in mud or snow up to his knees, it means to witness some beautiful moments of rebellion or discover new destructions. And mean, always too little time.

That would be pleasant and unpleasant ones parties at a photo session in Israel?
Without a doubt the most enjoyable moments are the ones where I have the opportunity to capture the intimate moments ' "family" life of birds ", without bothering them, what is very difficult. These creatures are very timid and frightened, especially to us; It's funny to hear people that "there are birds, because I've seen." Are always, but generally do not congregate to meet, on the contrary, it is blended, flies or hiding in the reeds. With the exception of chirighiţelor, which are becoming more aggressive, if you get close to the colony. I also remember the satisfaction of discovery within the trap apparatus photos with otters or Park embraced by a thin layer of fog, or the few sequences of feeding into the air of ereţilor Reed, after hours of waiting. Unpleasant images, photographed or not, with the mountains of garbage, the trees cut, and burnt vegetation caused fires, traps for birds. Unpleasant feeling of dissatisfaction is that I have found so far for guarding this place, even before the Declaration of natural park.

How you interacted with people from this area?
In general, without any problems. With the fishermen, we ignore each other. Although I do not understand at all how it is possible to leave so many "traces" of their presence. People from surrounding blocks wonders how administrative procedures, are very interested to have a park in proximity. I had problems with revendicatorii land, ecological actions organised by the save the Delta. They took advantage of the presence of the media to make known their views, not just favourable business development Park. But our position is, we believe, correct. Văcăreşti is a park of vital public interest for the city, former or current owners should receive compensation in accordance with the laws and decisions of the courts. Ceauşescu did much damage on the city and its inhabitants, but time cannot be given back. As there will be razed "people's House" in order to restore the Uranus quarter, so nor here, it is pointless to talk about the demolition of the Văcăreşti Lake "Accumulation" in order to reconstitute the old quarter.

The most delicate situation is linked to illegal residents. It is obvious that it is impossible to live there without having a negative impact on the environment. But, on the other hand, some of them even have helped us in our mission and we hope that, with shaping a administrative solutions, to offer them the possibility of a "professional reconversions" (i.e. they can earn a living by working here, of course without having the opportunity to stay in and Park). To be sure, and the authorities should be more involved, because it simply throwing them from side to side does not resolve anything. Are there intelligent children and a good Fund, which needs to be taken to school, to become "normal" people.

The General Council of Bucharest (CGMB) has not yet endorsed the establishment of the protected area he was tortured. How get involved further in supporting this cause?
The assertion must be slightly nuanced: CGMB voted favorably for at least twice (or even three times) and even ASHLEY project we have the opinion of the Administrative Council since April 29, 2014! Only that its effects are suspended, because someone could be found to challenge the kind of meeting where it was voted among many others and he was tortured. Then, there are some procedural complications (need to be contestable voted by a majority of 2/3, leaving a meeting CGMB by some advisers, those left no longer enough for a valid vote. ..). Finally, does it matter the result: after nine months, and PMB CGMB main entities that have debt to deal with the quality of life of the citizens of the city, are not able to issue a simple opinion needed for the establishment of a park which enjoys all the arguments about the urban, environmental and social.

Part, to call it funny, is that I have with whom to contend, because theoretically everyone supports the project. Under these circumstances, we do not only to continue revealing for the population, but the beauties and dangers. And remember, at regular intervals, humbly advisers that the company pays to serve the public interest.

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