There are few few people who confront in a certain period of life with skin conditions. In particular, during the pubertara girls and boys are hitting the problem of acne.

Acne is a skin disorder what is characterized by the appearance of inflamed lesions (pimples), at the level of the cheeks, forehead and sometimes even extended to the shoulders. The problem is troublesome for reasons of "aesthetic" primarily, but can cause physical discomfort and confluarea lesions.

In his teens under the influence of hormonal changes that occur in the body, the skin secrete large amounts of sebum. Sebum (skin and fat products) in combination with dead skin cells bloceaza excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands resulting in blackheads (facial), which is suprainfecteaza producing pimples.

But it is not a condition that only occurs in teenagers, it can affect adults, occasionally and 15% of women and 5% of men continue to be affected between adults. It seems that women produce a greater amount of sebum in the premenstrual period, when prevails the secretion of progesterone. Other factors involved such as heredity, nutrition, gastrointestinal disorders (constipation), some medicines and even cosmetic products.

The fight against this disease knows several fronts:

-strict local hygiene, disinfecting local

-diet, with lower consumption of chocolate, acidic beverages

-antibiotic treatments and hormonal environment but many adverse reactions.

acnetol x 30 fpsI propose a SHOPPINGBYFINGERTIP.COM 100% natural product will bring a smile, ACNETOL.

Este un produs ce contine echinaceea, aloe vera si urzica. Conceput pentru combaterea tulburarilor trofice ale pielii si ale infectiilor. Echinaceea este recunosca pentru rolul imunostimulator si antistafilococic (stafilococii fiind bacterii descoperite in leziunile acneice.

Aloe vera combate tulburarile de tranzit intestinal (constipatie) care sunt implicate in aparitia acnei. De asemenea are rol detoxifiant inlaturand rezidurile nocive din organism.

Urzica, prin vitaminele si mineralele pe caree le aduce, asigura o vindecare rapida si fara urme a leziunilor.

Produsul se prezinta sub forma de capsule ce vor fi administrate cate doua trei pe zi. Efectele benefice apar dupa aproximativ doua saptamani de tratament, iar pentru consolidarea lor, terapia poate dura doua trei luni.

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