Kefir diet - how to lose five kilograms in three days

Kefir diet is an easy way to lose weight without suppressing appetite as do certain dietary supplements; This diet helps metabolism and thus the smooth digestion. The symbiotic microorganisms fermeteaza kefir, making it a wonder food for the body.

No need to exhaust yourself physically in the gym or starving yourself to have a dream figure. First, a healthy diet requires adequate nutrition. If you constantly stuffed body fat, high-calorie foods, alcohol, processed foods intense, your digestion will suffer at some point. Uncontrolled and irrational nutrition needs purification kefir cures even one or two days a week. It is extraordinarily healthy enough to receive nutrenti and liquid to compensate for nutrient rich. So you can start anytime kefir diet.

Kefir comes from the Turkish word keif what does it mean feeling better after eating. For centuries, kefir and it was attributed healing powers, but has recently become the subject of scientific research to determine its therapeutic value.

Kefirul este un lapte fermentat a carui process de fermentare isi are originea in traditia pastorilor din zona Muntilor Caucaz; in prezent, kefirul este consumat in special in Europa si Asia. Se prepara din laptele oricarui animal rumegator: capra, oaie, vaca. Contine bacterii benefice, drojdie, thiamina, biotina, vitamina B12, calciu, acid folic, si vitamina K2. Proteinele din kefir sunt partial digerate pot fi absorbite mai repede de corp. Ca oricare produs lactat, kefirul este o sursa importanta de minerale precum calciu, magneziu si fosfor.

Kefir diet for health

Kefirul inbunatateste digestia lactozei la adultii cu intoeranta la lactoza, dar are de asemenea rol antimicotic si antibacterian. Anumite bacterii din kefir ajuta la tratarea colitei prin regularizarea raspunsului inflamator al celulelor intestinale. Vitamina K2 este o vitamina obtinuta prin fermentatie, avand un rol cheie in metabolismul calciului, ajutand calciul sa se depuna unde trebuie adica la oase si dinti, si sa se evite depunerea pe tesuturi moi si artere. De asemenea, se crede ca ar avea efect anti-tumoare.

As we know, kefir is healthier dairy. It is rich in vitamins and minerals stimulates the nervous system and regeneararea soothes the skin, hair and nails. In addition, a dietary product with low carbohydrate and is part of many diets because it helps eliminate unwanted fat deposits optimal.

Kefir diet - examples and rules

Kefir diet is easy to follow, as a way to lose weight for all budgets. Below is a sample menu daily diet kefir: breakfast: a glass of kefir, a piece of toast or a biscuit;
-gustarea morning: 100 g of fruit and a glass of kefir;
-for lunch: a salad vegetables and a glass of kefir;
-at dinner: a glass of kefir and 100 g of fruit (apples are recommended)
-gustarea evening: 100 g of cheese, a glass of kefir;
-Before you go to bed drink a glass of kefir;

You can change certain foods from the menu as you like, but keep in mind that the daily limit is 1,200 calories. So, if you have extra kilos and want to lose weight, the diet with kefir can help. A perfect example is the combination of diet kefir fruit except bananas and grapes or grain.

An example of a diet that lasts 21 days:
- First, all foods containing pasta, sweets commercially processed intense (eg candies, jellies) and dishes with potatoes should be excluded.
- vegetable fat consumption should be at least 50% of the total fat;
- meat, fish products with a low fat and nonfat dairy products remaining;
- fruits and vegetables should contain a minimum of starch or starch or without;
- fluid intake not to exceed 1.5 liters per day and have the power 2/3 of kefir and the rest from other foods;
- Do not put the food more than five grams of salt per day;
- to have five or six meals a day at regular intervals: at the same time in the same week for the duration of the diet.

Lary kefir diet of Dolina - get off in seven days 4 kg

first day: 500g baked potatoes or jacket and 500 g kefir with 0.1% fat;
The next day: 500g cheese, kefir 500 g fat 0.1%;
the third day: 50g fruit (excluding bananas and grapes) and 500 g kefir with 0.1% fat;
the fourth day: 300-500 g of cooked chicken without skin 500 g 0.1% fat kefir;
fifth day500 g Carrot 150 g of dried apricots, raisins, and prunes and 500 g kefir with 0.1% fat;
sixth day1.5 liters of carbonated mineral water;
seventh day500 g and 500 g kefir fruit with 0.1% fat;

Conditions: to have a fixed schedule of meals and do not eat after 18:00.

Kefir diet resulted in weight loss diets give but also in the treatment of genetic diseases and urinary tract infections, diabetes, improves blood circulation, and it is recommended in case of arteriosclerosis, gout or rickets. It's healthy kefir, but not exceed a quantity of 1,5 l per day.

However, it is not indicated in case of hyperacidity and gastritis.

If you follow a diet with kefir, you can choose between many variants of this diet:

1) simple kefir diet meaning eat only kefir daily. It is recommended to drink 1, 5 liters of kefir for three days. During this diet you can give walk By four or five kilograms.

2) diet with kefir and fruit: During this diet with kefir can drink 1, 5 -2 liters of kefir and eat vegetables and vegetables. This diet can last a week, and you can lose up to six to seven kg. Frutele give nutrients and contribute to the smooth functioning of kefir digestion. There are some foods is kefir should not be mixed with such as bananas, grapes, cucumbers and mushrooms.

One of the most effective is diet kefir and apples: 1,5 l kefir drink and eat 1.5 kilograms of apples daily. You can also drink sodas and green tea.

3) kefir diet for 7 days during which can come down to 5 kg rules to be observed:
-to drink 10 glasses of water a day;
-to drink kefir 500 g daily: Drinking on an empty stomach in the morning and one before bed;
-in diet during alcohol is prohibited.

Sample menu during this diet:
day 1Eat fruits except bananas. Papenii accept yellow and red melons;
day 2: You can eat vegetables raw or cooked. Start your day with baked potatoes;
day 3: You can eat as many vegetables and fruits you want (no bananas and potatoes);
day 4Eat up to 8 bananas;
day 5: Today you can eat some beef with tomatoes;
day 6: In the days between beef menu and how many vegetables you want;
day 7: You can eat vegetables and brown rice; fruit juices are allowed.

4) diet for 21 days kefir will help you get off just 10 kg.

With this form of diet kefir will avoid metabolic problems, because you will lose weight gradually. Diet rules are:

1. Drink at least a liter of milk, kefir daily;
2. To exclude the refined products and confectionery, sweets, alcohol, pasta, cheese, fast-food, potatoes and butter.
3. It is permissible to eat lean meat or fish or cooked by steaming or boiling, but not more than 87 grams per three days;
4. You can add salt in food, but not more than 5 g of salt per day;
5. share meals five to six snacks per day at the same time throughout the diet.

5) Another kefir diet for seven days that can purify the body.

rules: Until the seventh day must abstain from alcohol. Drink ten glasses of water per day and 500g kefir day.

day 1All fruits except bananas. But especially melons, sweet cantaloupe peneni. Eating juicy watermelon, you lose more. Drink a glass of kefir on an empty stomach in the morning and one before bed.
day 2It is on vegetables. You can eat anything and any vegetables you want until you feel full: either raw or cooked vegetables. To play less carbohydrates, eat morning a baked potato with butter. Drink a glass of kefir on an empty stomach in the morning and one before bed.
day 3Eat a mixture of fruits and vegetables: whatever you like without bananas and potatoes; no matter the amount; a glass of kefir on an empty stomach in the morning and one before bed.
day 4Day of bananas and kefir; eat up to eight bananas and drink three glasses of kefir. Drink a glass of kefir on an empty stomach in the morning and one before bed.
day 5: Today is day festive beef and tomatoes. You can eat 284 grams of lean beef with 6 tomatoes. You have to grow from the fifth day water consumption by a 250 ml. Drink a glass of kefir in the morning on an empty stomach and one before bed.
day 6: Culinary feast continues. Today you can eat some beef in what quantity and what vegetables you like; necessarily drink a glass of kefir on an empty stomach in the morning and one before bed.
day 7: On the seventh day of the diet you eat brown rice, vegetables and fruit juices.
Then if you want to go on diet, repeat the menu days. If you really want to drink alcohol, limit yourself to two glasses of red wine or white. Alcoholic drinks like bourbon, rum, tequila, vodka is prohibited. Beer is allowed in moderation. Do not mix drinks: if you drink wine today, all day wine, even if a wide range of hours between drinks. Alcohol is a surplus of empty calories to your diet.

What you drink during the diet with kefir: water, soda, black tea, black coffee (no creamer, milk, sweeteners). No fruit juices until the day no. seven diet with kefir ...

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