The woman at the 42-year-old looks like a teenage girl

What is her secret?

It's called Lure Hsu, is interior designer and has Acheter viagra 42-year-old.
Yes, you read right! Has 42 years and looks like a 15 year old.

Certainly I have seen teenage girls who looked more mature than Lure. It is from Taiwan and became famous in the online environment after a relative has posted a photograph of Hsu's Lure in celebration of the 40th anniversary. Everyone believed that it was a mistake and that it is impossible to look at this age.

Taiwan press has dubbed it the "Ageless Goddess". The woman gave an interview in which he revealed that there are secrets of youth without slowing down. He said that everything is related to nutrition and hydration. Drink plenty of water and incredible don't eat sugar. Every morning drinking a black coffee, no sugar and no milk.

"Hydration is very important, it slows down the aging process and reduces the appearance of fine lines and other skin problems"said Lure Hsu.

Asian has a diet stictă enough, prefer more vegetarian foods. Rarely eat meat and avoid as much spicy food.

"To keep your skin healthy, the Sun is very important, but not excessive exposure, especially during the summer. Even when the Sun is not strong, you should use sunscreen because skin touched by the Sun is more dry and make easier the emergence of blemishes and fine lines ... "A woman who has found the secret of youth stated that take diet pills and vitamin C collagen which helps skin regeneration. Lure has also said that if we keep the body hydrated, don't let wrinkles appear.

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