Filmele de mediu – ediția 2015 a festivalului One World Romania

Next week begins the eighth edition of the international documentary film festival dedicated to human rights.

movies-by-environmentAs in previous years, and the films selected for this year's addresses questions related to democracy, respect for human rights and the reflection of the different forms of public protests. One of those protests, held in Maidan square from Ukraine, give the name of the theme of the Festival, for 2015: Kino Maidan. According to Alexandru Solomon, Director of the Festival, One World Romania celebrates both vacant lots full of worldwide, as well as the documentary film as one of the most powerful weapons against injustice.

Section dedicated to environmental issues this year is called "Wars against nature" and presents three films: Unearthed, Vitosha and Virunga. "None of these films is not a call to action for future ecological films in the genre up more banks. That time has passed. All documents in the current conflicts directly, the results of which will be decisive not only for future generations, but for the present, "writes Mona Nicoara on the Festival's website.

Unearthed (Unearthed, 2014, South Africa, 93 min.)
Karoo, a semi-desert in South Africa, is faced with the problem of hydraulic fracturing. And here the exploitation of shale gas is presented to the locals as an opportunity that leads to economic development, generating jobs and energy independence. Director Jolynn Minnaar starts a investigation of hydraulic fracturing in the United States, the origin of this technology, so that you understand what this could mean new method for extraction of shale gas for Karoo and other places in the world that count towards its implementation.

The documentary gradually revealing the hidden truths systematically kept of MNCs from extractive industry, being one of the most comprehensive collections of information about the exploitation of shale gas through hydraulic fracturing, at a time when many historic communities, including in Romania, faced with this technology.

PROGRAM: >March 20, 18:30 National Museum of the Romanian peasant; >22 March 14:00 Cinema Elvire Pamella

Vitosha (2013, Bulgaria, 70 min.)
Vitosha e largest natural park in Bulgaria and is perilously close Bulgaria's capital Sofia. Director Lyubomir Mladenov and present it as a essential in the lives of several people; When the Park is threatening new development projects made way for arrangements between the oligarchs and politicians, civil society is mobilized, and triggered street protests are extremely similar to those that occurred during the same period in Romania, against the exploitation of mining with cyanide in Roşia Montană.

PROGRAM: >March 18th 18:00 Cinema Elvire Millie;>20 March 16:30 the National Museum of the Romanian peasant

Virunga (2014, United Kingdom, the Congo, 100 min.)
Director Von Einsiedele Virunga National Park presents the story, from the Democratic Republic of Congo-the habitat of rare species such as the mountain gorilla and a UNESCO-protected area. Although drilling in the Park it's illegal, the discovery of deposits of petroleum company SOCO International arrival draws. Its actions intersect with a number of other "agenda": from conflicting illegalities committed by subcontractors SOCO, some of them former mercenaries, to violence and kill poachers elephants, gorillas at rebel militias who want a percentage of the profit from the exploitation of oil, and the pădurarii determined to protect at all costs the life of Gorilla. The film describes a single event in the series of injustices violent contexts what persists in other areas of the world where vulnerable communities are established in areas where natural riches.

PROGRAM: >March 18, 21:00 National Museum of the Romanian peasant;>20 March 22:00 Cinema Studio

The official opening of the Festival will be held on March 16 at the time of 20:00, the Cinema Pro with free entrance limited places available. For other screenings and events, tickets/passes can be bought from movie theaters or online from Eventbook.

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