Състав / бутилка:

Витамин С - 3,000 мг;
L-лизин хидрохлорид - 150 мг;
L-лизин - 109,8 мг;
L-метионин - 55,20 мг;
L-валин - 40,2 мг;
L-isolysine - 35.4 мг;
L-триптофан - 30 мг;
L-фенилаланин - 30 мг;
L-треонин - 25,50 мг;

Imubest kids, helps the immune system sustaining conjuctive tissues, reducing nasal congestion and accelerating the healing of the wounds. Moreover, it can contribute at the good functioning of the bone system, ligaments, blood vessels, skin, teeth and gums by promoting the formation of collagen. Also, facilitates the absorption of iron, can help reduce fatigue, the normal function of nervous system and the energetic metabolism.

Children 0-1 years: 16 drops/day
Children 1-3 years: 20 drops/day
Children 4-9 years: 25 drops/day
Children 10-18 years: 30 drops/day
Adults: 35 drops/day

Store away from heat, light and humidity. Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
Imubest Kids, solution Dietary supplement
This is a dietary supplement and it not replaces a varied diet and a balanced healthy lifestyle; add the appropiate exercises and physical and mental balance. Do not exceed the daily recommended dose. Our product is obtained and tested in accordance with ISO quality standards 9001 and 22000.
Да се консумира за предпочитане преди датите на изтичане от опаковката.

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