Kolikonol-Solution against colic in infants

fennel extract (Foniculum vulgare)17.5ml/fl,
caraway extract (Carum carvi) 7.5ml/fl,
basil extract (Ocimum basilicum) 10 ml/fl,
Pi water 65 ml/fl.

Helps reduce colic in infants and combats the formation of gastrointestinal gas. The product has excellent antiseptic effects on the digestive system. Helpful in abdominal cramps, bloating, enterocolitis in infants.
The Pi water used in this solution is a purified and energized water that encourages detoxifying the body and helps filling it with positive energy.
10ml x 2 times/day for abdominal cramps;
10ml x 3-4 times/day for enterocolitis.

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