KOMBUCHA-The Miracle Of Nature!

2000 years ago, in China, was discovered a fungus that is said that would bring immortality. He was growing only in black tea sweetened, is developing rapidly as a gelatinous mass, and the liquid obtained by filtering out to have a very pleasant and refreshing taste. Later it was formalized as a cure, and in Japan, while the Emperor Inkyo, who was suffering from a serious digestive disorder, which no doctor is not pricepea to tamaduiasca. Using kombucha tea, the emperor was cured as if by magic and felt younger and more vigorous than ever. From the far East, the fungus was brought then negutatori in Russia, where he gained great popularity, being known as "tea kwas." The fungus arrived in all European countries, but was lost during the second world war. Due to the many beneficial effects this drink was called "divine nectar", "tea", "miraculous elixir of long life", "drink of the gods".

Important source of vitamins and minerals that support the smooth functioning of the body, especially of the digestive system; Stimulates the formation and elimination of bile, regulates intestinal transit and deplete flatulence (gas helps digestion); Increases the body's resistance against pathogens and free radicals; Decreases the intensity of ageing processes; Fosters detoxify the body; General and sexual tonic.

Tea Kombucha Ginseng Panorama Ii
Important source of vitamins and minerals which sustain the proper functioning of the body, especially of the digestive system, increases the resistance of the body towards pathogens decreases the intensity of ageing processes and promotes detoxification.
Kombucha & honey & pollen
Helps regulate lipid metabolism and glucose metabolism, stimulates immunity, having antibiontice, ativirale effects and regulates intestinal transit and detoxifies the body.
Kombucha vinegar
Can be considered a true elixir of a healthy life. Product detoxifies the body, aid digestion, stimulates digestive enzymes, reduces appetite, accelerates metabolic fat burning carbohidratilorsi of being helpful in weight loss.
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