Suspended 40 cps

Ingredients/Capsule: Amorphophallus konjac powder with 95% glucomanani-620 mg; Capsule: gelatin, titanium dioxide;

Amorphophallus konjac has beneficial effects on blood glucose levels, it is suitable for vegetarians; probiotic effect, helping to stimulate the development of beneficial bacteria of the colon and help restore intestinal transit. Under the terms of a cafe, glucomannan contributes to
weight loss.

Administration: 2 SPC 3 x/day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) or 3 x 2 caps/day (lunch and dinner), before 1-2 table with glasses of water.

Not suitable for persons allergic to components of the product! Do not administer the pregnant women and nursing women!

Konjac, aid in weight loss for hundreds of years

Konjac plant grows in East Asia, Japan, China and Indonesia, is known as the voodoo lily, Konnyaku potatoes or tongue devil. The root of this plant is derived from two preparations: flour and pasta.

Japanese used them for weight loss thanks to a very important component: glucomannan. It lies at a rate of 40% in the dried root konjac and has a lot of health benefits: detoxify, treat tumors, liquefy the respiratory tract secretions, increases butyric acid, improves natural intestinal flora and bowel habits in adults suffering from constipation.

Konjac root properties:

- great ability to absorb liquids

- create satiety

- calorie content almost 0

- very high fiber content

- blocking carbohydrates and fats

- regulate blood sugar

- reduce cholesterol

- facilitating bowel and colon detoxification

When it comes to losing weight, the most important property of glocomanannului is that it has a high capacity to absorb liquids and to turn into a gel that fills the stomach and give a feeling of fullness.

In addition, due to gelatinous texture, this gel easily throughput digestive tract so that food are not converted into fat deposits but are eliminated naturally.

Nutritionistul Pierre Dukan a popularizat radacina fibroasa a plantei inca din 2011, cand a adaugat-o in lista sa de 100 alimente aprobate de Dieta Dukan. Persoanele care tin aceasta dieta pot sa manance cantitati nelimitate de konjac, in toate fazele de dieta. In plus, produsele din Konjac sunt potrivite si pentru alte diete sarace in carbohidrati, cum ar fi dieta Atkins sau Ketogenica.

Konjac este un ingredient larg folosit in diferite formulatii pentru “Cura de Slabire”. Glucomannan absoarbe substantele toxice produse in timpul digestiei si a excretiei. Se ataseaza de materialele toxice si le elimina inainte ca acestea sa ajunga in sânge. Glucomannan actioneaza ca un agent de control al greutatii corporale (previne ingrasarea) intrucat, odata ingerat cu un pahar mare de apa inainte de masa, el isi mareste volumul de peste 50 de ori, absorbind grasimile din traseul digestiv care devin astfel nedigerabile si sunt eliminate ulterior prin fecale.

Action: Konjac is recommended: Obesity; Diabetes; Atherosclerosis, hemorrhoids; Hypertension; Digestive problems; Diverticular pancreas; Adjuvant diet by blocking the assimilation of fats and carbohydrates; Detoxifies the intestines.

Amorphophalus root extract, standardized to 75% Glucomannan contributes to blocking the assimilation of fats, normalization of blood sugar, and reduce the stress on the pancreas leading to deter growth abnormalities in blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia). Glucomannan also lead to lower cholesterol and help regulate seat and colon detoxification.

Precautions: Do not exceed 6 capsules per day. Do not use in case of abdominal pain, nausea or dizziness. Do not use for 2 hours after taking other medications because the action of the latter can be changed. Do not use in case of pregnancy or motherhood. The product does not replace allopathic treatment of diabetes physician.

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