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Mineral deficiency involve values diminished of minerals. And in their case, the events vary in relation to the type of mineral is deficient and the degree of deficiency. The most commonly affected levels of zinc, iron and magnesium, which is not in optimum amounts in the body. Symptoms include skin conditions, blood sugar imbalances at the level of damage to the hair, gastrointestinal symptoms, bone and nails fragility.

Represents 4-5% of the minerals the body weight. The recommended intake of essential minerals is 100 mg/day as part of this category: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, nitrogen, sodium, chlorine, potassium. Micromineralele or trace elements are needed in the body in smaller amounts. It's all about: iron, zinc, iodine, manganese, fluorine, molybdenum, cobalt, selenium, chromium, silica. Fulfill many roles in minerals in the body, the most important being the support of many enzymes in the development in optimal conditions of vital functions, and in the development of normal growth and development of the organism.

Intensive agriculture over the last 30 years that has exhausted the resources of soil tension areas of the globe, with successive trophic chain soil-vegetation-animal-man to be added and the existing pollution (industrial residues in excess of the annual U.S. 300 million tonnes containing toxic metals like arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead) require the prevention of occurrence of diseases that may occur owing to the scarcity of minerals (cardiovascular , respiratory, ophthalmic, rheumatism, etc.). through the administration of nutritional supplements containing minerals associated with plants enhance their effect.

Starting from these Medica Laboratories launched range of nutritional supplements PHYTO-MINERAL

phytominerale-catsclaw-echinacea-pygeumIMG_5397bToate produsele gamei sunt reprezentate de combinatii dintre 1, 2, 3 elemente minerale si o planta. Principiul de baza in alegerea combinatiei il constituie sinergismul de potentare, obtinandu-se in acest fel o eficacitate superioara administrarii plantei ca atare sau elementului mineral. Acopera o arie larga de afectiuni: antreumatice, hipolipemiante, adjuvante in diabetul zaharat insulino-independent, sedative, etc.

Mineralele folosite sunt: seleniu, crom, siliciu , fosfor, iod, mangan, magneziu, zinc.

Selenium este o componenta esentiala a enzimei glutation-peroxidaza cu actiune importanta impotriva radicalilor liberi-care sunt produsi de organism sau ca urmare a expunerii la fumul de tigara, cat si la alte surse de poluare.

Chromium are actiune demonstrata asupra metabolismului lipidic si glucidic, scazand nivelul trigliceridelor totale si colesterolului; are de asemenea efect anticelulitic.

Iodine participa la sinteza proteinelor; este parte integranta a hormonilor tiroidieni. La nivel intestinal faciliteaza absorbtia hidratilor de carbon, exercitand un efect reglator al proceselor energetice; stimuleaza metabolismul lipidelor.

Silicon intervine in sinteza colagenului si la procesele de formare ale tendoanelor, cartilajelor, pielii, unghiilor, parului, tesutului conjunctiv, etc cat si in metinerea troficitatii acestora.

Zinc este un mineral important deoarece face parte din structura a numeroase enzime. Intervine in metabolismul carbohidratilor, lipidelor, proteinelor, acizilor nucleici. Este indispensabil pentru dezvoltarea sistemului nervos central. Favorizeaza crestrea si dezvoltarea organelor reproducatoare, cat si functionarea normala a prostatei. Sustine mecanismele endogene de aparare impotriva inflamatiei si este astfel un element determinant in protejarea articulatiilor sanatoase.

Magnesium are un rol important in functionarea normala a sistemului nervos dezvoltarea aparatului reproducator, controlul reactiilor enzimatice, stimularea digestiei, metabolismul carbohidratilor. Este implicat in: stress, anxietate, controlul greutatii, sindrom premenstrual.

Manganese stimuleaza enzimele necesare pentru utilizarea biotinei, tiaminei, acidului ascobic si tocoferolului. Este element catalizator in sinteza acizilor grasi. Este cofactor esential in toate sistemele enzimatice mai ales in producerea fosfolipidelor. In acest fel este implicat in functionarea normala a proceselor neuronale, in general a sistemului nervos central, aparatului reproducator si digestiv.

Phosphorus intervine in utilizarea optima a carbohidratilor, lipidelor, proteinelor, mentinerea integritatii celulare, activarea proceselor energetice. Este indispensabil pentru functionarea normala a sistemului nervos central, intervine in transmiterea impulsurilor nervoase.

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