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"While in Europe, the companies that produce medicines
of the plant are encouraged, the new laws are faultate "

cac3b1b6f7dddd8727c8428e884225c0a5327793_terapii-with-naturisteslider-remediesAfter nearly a decade, began in our country a real rebirth of herbal medicine. A rebirth that has meant not just bringing to light some info about the healing properties of various herbs, foods and therapies, but also the appearance of new products and companies, companies that have experienced an extremely rapid development. As was only natural in a country with a spontaneous flora, with a long tradition in herbal healing, with specialists trained to value this potential, were created very many medications, which have been the most prestigeous with gold and silver medals in international salons. Furthermore, a true industry processing plants in recent years. Of course, the road is not easy, these Romanian companies being forced to overcome a lot of obstacles, from the famous Romanian bureaucracy, with unclear laws and much too restrictive, the tough competition of firms in foreign countries. However, some of these companies have managed to maintain and to strengthen, creating new and valuable products, imposing themselves on the domestic and even international. An example of this are the Shoppingbyfingertip.com led by Mr. doctor Ike Feeney, we conducted an interview which render it more:
-Mr. Ike Feeney, Shoppingbyfingertip.com, that you drive, managed to impose in the natural medicine as one of Romanian top-performing firms. More recently, your products. they are exported and in countries such as Spain or Israel and, from what I understand, follow to expand distribution and to other countries in Europe. What is the secret of success of those laboratories?
-I think that it is, first of all, a successful herbal medicine at european and world level, which brought on the wave, as they say, more and more companies, and ours.
However, many firms-Romanian profile are in deadlock, and legislation in the field making things increasingly difficult. Your how you managed to razbateti?
-Indeed, we live in a paradox: while in Europe, the companies producing supplements or herbal medicines are encouraged in our country, they are seen as a kind of Cinderella and even "faultate" laws. We were and we are but aware that natural medicine development belongs to a natural gait, international, of things that cannot be slowed down than currently via an artificial intervention, and is at the legislative level. Then, we help a lot of our collective enthusiasm and collaborators. We are trying to oppose the inertia on the level of mentality and prejudices of all kinds, relating to herbal medicine, rigor of studies we are making and creativity in finding new remedies and treatment schemes.
-How to create new products, while almost all plant extracts must be approved by the medicines Control Agency, which requires studies what it takes years for ordinary plants from our flora?
-From the perspective of integration in the European Union, it must be said that the legislation will be clearer and more plant than an in the field today. We analyzed the legal provisions relating to such matters of all EU member countries and, indeed, although it is different nuantata, plant law everywhere is more realistic, more like an. Then, our company has been working with prestigious foreign partners in this field. For example, our last line of products, i.e. gelulele with plant extracts indigenous and exotic, was taken in conjunction with herbal supplements Division of the pharmaceutical company "Pfizer Inc." in the United States. This great concern, like others, has made divisions of herbal remedies and very powerful advocate for fair legislation in Romania, in terms of the plants. In addition, the laboratories of Medica, as a result of massive investment, fulfill all the quality standards required by European norms, Iso 9002 certified and being totally compliant with the rules of good practice in the laboratory-Glp. Basically, at present, our company is capable of entering into competition with any manufacturer in this field, with world production means and apparatus of analysis at a level that will allow this.
-Indeed, I visited laboratories and I must admit that I was impressed with automated production lines, impeccable hygiene and the latest equipment. Coming back to your company's success, the first thing that impresses is the extraordinary diversity of remedies ...
-Currently, we produce over three hundred teas, tinctures, herbal capsules and tablets, soon will be put into operation and a production line of ointments, and in the near future, a natural products for cosmetic use and hygiene. The goal is to treat our remedies a wide palette of disorders and diseases, from vitamin deficiency and banalele demineralizari, to serious diseases, where the plants, even if they can't cure, can bring significant improvement.
-Can you give Us examples of serious illnesses in Medika products have brought such improvement?
-Probably the best results we have obtained in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, which are the number one cause of mortality in our country. With the product Ginkgobilan original combination, standardized extract and ginkgo biloba-powder, for which I received a medal at the Geneva Motorshow, we successfully treated cardiac ischemia, sequelae of vascular accidents and arteriopatiile. Then, in liver diseases such as hepatitis, which is raging in recent years, Reed shoots taken in the form of capsules have exceptional effects of liver cell regeneration and, apparently, to stimulate immunity. Patients with serious liver problems that i have used have noted a radical improvement in health status, translated by reducing unpleasant symptoms, such as nausea or inapetenta, by increasing the resistance to effort and General vitality. Another product of ours, Apilarnil & Propolis a & pollen well delivered three exceptional drugs of the hive, refreshing effects and immune stimulants. With this fix I recived infectious disease alleviation that do not respond to medication, such as the development of respiratory bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics, hepatitis. The good news is that, recently, I have concluded cooperation agreements with dozens of doctors, with different specialties, in order to be able to better manage the potential healer of our products, so that they reach the people who need them. We have paid special attention to lately related diseases that occur with hormonal disorders in women of the third age. Osteocalcinul is a creation of our medal in Geneva and Budapest, which is aimed at women who have osteoporosis, a disorder of the calcification of suffering from more than half of the women reached menopause. Do I have to tell you that the results of tests done at Bucharest's Municipal Hospital with this fix are more than encouraging.
-I see from the discussion with you. the fact that he put a great emphasis on creation and creativity. It will be your company's secret of success?
-Definitely is one of them. Since I started my activity in the field of naturismului, I realized that in the long run, success cannot be maintained only through a permanent study and through continuous innovation. Some ideas, such as the use of extracts of shellfish, seaweed, and water from the Black Sea, in the remedies for internal and external use, are an absolute novelty in our country. Likewise, a novelty is the use of bud Reed, about which I spoke earlier, or the Association of standardized extracts with herb in natural condition. I have not protected, but or learn from the experience of tradition companies abroad. Almost half of the plants that we use now are brought from tropical or subtropical and have very powerful healing effects. Their association with the Romanian plant proved to be more than just a salutary, remedies giving remarkable therapeutic power.
Another important element is the very wide range of remedies that you produce, which enhances treatment, help each other. For example, in treating heart disease, the product has strong Cardiovasc coronarodilatatoare effects, but that is not sufficient for a full treatment of edemas, heart in a patient with very high cholesterol values. Then I created Cholesteran remedy, a combination of herbs, vitamins and natural plant fibers, which solve this shortcoming.
-Who do you think is the most important thing you need to know patients who wants your products?
-What I want to say is not strictly therapy with our products, but in general the natural treatment: over the years, we have been able to ascertain that there is no natural therapy in one case one, which give results after a few hours. Rather, naturismul is a way of life that we must deprindem gradual, which has wonderful results, but what I see in time. In the spirit of this way of life, it would be desirable not to call at plants, vitamins and minerals, when we're already sick, but to take preventative, because anytime we are exposed to risk factors, such as stress, fatigue, sudden climate changes etc. Also, if the disease was already installed, it is good to know that the best herbal treatment Act when it is paired with a balanced diet with exercise and a way of life.

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  1. Stelica Marin Stefan(ELA)
    Stelica Marin Stefan(ELA) says:

    Cu drag îmi.amibtesc de un articol pe care l-am scris in Cotidianul acum ceva multă vreme,vreo 29 de ani:”VACCINATI-VA NATURALde RĂCEALIA SI GRIPA”
    Produsele erau:
    Răceală și Gripa
    Usturoi și Propolis
    Probate de mine când era necesar sa termin de scris articolul dar cu gripa in toi.Si am decis sa iau cate 2 pastilute,capsule din 2 in 2 ore din fiecare.Rezultatul.a fost fantastic,căci în mai puțin de 24 de ore,seara,am putut dormi liniștită și cu nasul desfundat.
    Felicitări dvs și soției căci cu dânsa am….terminat interviul!!!!


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