LAROVIN spray 25 ml

mint oil (Menthae folium) 0,25 ml/bottle;
chamomile flowers solution (Chamomillae Flores) 8.75 ml/bottle;
basil herba tincture (Basil herba) 10 ml/bottle;
willow bark (Salicis cortex) 5 ml/bottle;
fennel oil (Atheroleum foeniculi) 0,25 ml/bottle;
australian tea tree oil 0,05 ml/bottle;
propolis tincture 0,7 ml/bottle

The product increases the resistance of oro-pharyngeal area, reducing the occurrence of infection at this level. It is a source of natural substances with
antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral. Larovin comforts coughing and irritated throat, can reduce buco-pharyngeal inflammation. It has a cooling and
healing effect. The constituent plants are processed by an activating original energizing method, enriching the product.
It can be used as a mouth spray to maintain freshness throughout the day.

Spray into the mouth 3 to 5 times daily, keeping a 30 minutes fasting and fluid rest after each dosage.

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