Makafertil 90 capsules

Stress, immune suppression, sexual dysfunction, memory disorders.

-Maca (Lipidium Meyenii) 0.280 g/cps.

Pharmacological action:

  • Maca is a plant native to mountainous regions of South America, acting at the level of the endocrine system, ensuring the necessary maintaining hormonal balance.
  • Via sterols and keep balance hormones glycosides female sex, reducing the physical discomfort and psychological mentrual cycle, associated with symptoms related to menopause (hot flashes, means), acting directly on the pituitary gland and ovaries.
  • Also known as "peruvian ginseng" has beneficial effects on the dynamics of sexual being known to increase sexual desire, libido and male sexual performance.
  • It also increases the physical and mental strength, serving as an excellent amino acid content in grace adaptogen, essential fatty acids and micromineralelor in large amount.

-Improving the dynamics of sexual appetite and fertility
-Reduce discomfort physically and psychologically associate with menstruation and menopause
-Increase energy and endurance athletes being recommended
-Promote mental activity
-Strengthens the immune system and improves the body's ability to handle the physical and mental demands of daily.

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  1. ilham
    ilham says:

    Hi.I want to by Makafertil much it cost? And I live in Azerbaijan ,when I can get the product after order?


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