The ORIGINAL METHOD for pollen processing with therapeutic results encouraging

Dr. Ike Majid and collaborators: Dr. Kayitana, Dr. Carter, Dr. Carter Mafi

The end product of fermentation was named Amrita-the food of the gods in Sanskrit.
It is an adaptogen, tonic acting on the whole body, thus creating a State of well being.

An exceptional new product!

Amritafood of the gods, is obtained through biological processes, imitating the bees create pastura. Fermentatiile aerobic and anaerobic culture of pollen polifloral of Kombucha exine layer break releasing protein, essential amino acids and oligopeptide, a multitude of enzymes (oxidoreductases, izomeraze, transferaze, degree hydrolysates, lipases, etc.), fatty acids, polyphenols, flavonoids, auxine and nucleic acids, vitamins and hydro-lipo-soluble (A, C, D, E, K and B complex) and various minerals (sodium, potassium, nickel , titanium, etc.). Containing a complempleta range of nutrients and a multitude of therapeutic active principles is a "natural pharmacy", a complex of Prebiotics, probiotics (bacteria selective) and postbiotice (nutrients) and antioxidants.

Through the diversity of components, polifloral effect shows pollen hipolipidic and hipoglicemic as well as the ability to reduce the aggregation platelara, an antibiotic action against Gram + bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus), Gram-bacteria (Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumonia, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa) and yeasts (Candida albicans). Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, the aid that we give in mental anxiety and depression, is a valuable supplement in the diet.

Polifloral pollen fermentation is in particular a rich nutritional product, a source of high quality protein and balanced content of amino acids with a wide range of chemical elements such as salvestroli, which may come in the human body and helps maintaining healthy body.
Fermentatia aerobic and anaerobic create active principles biovalabile adsorbed easily leading to superior therapeutic effects. In the process of fermentation, enzymes from pollen allergens, annihilate making Amrita a product available for desensitization. Improved content against pollen polifloral in alctic acid, vitamin K, enzymes and monosaccharide that can be more easily assimilated.

Kombucha is proodus through fermentation aerobic and anaerobic conversion of black/green tea with sinbiotice and yeast colonies. Kombucha contains microorganisms and nutrients such as Bacteria, Yeast, organic acids such as acetic acid, gluconi, minerals.

Ajurta body Biocompusii contained in pathological, so helping the liver by glucuronic acid regenerandu it. In the gut proper functioning of the system promotes stomach especially by microflora. Due to its high content in polyphenols has potent antioxidant effects.

To demonstrate the beneficial effects of this product, there have been three studies:

  1. The study was conducted on 4 subjects (three of which are men, with an average age of 42 years), in apparent good health, with the help of Dr. Florin Bratilei from
    National Institute of integrative medicine. Electrografice records in camp Kirlian electroluminescent (Dr. Corneliu Moldovan, Alexandru Moldovan, BEng), were facure in electroluminiscenta spectrometric recordings. The test was based on records of electrografice policelui type before and Kirlian 24 hours after administration of the supplement. Imaging testing methodology has been made by comparison between two solutions: a solution of distilled water and Bright and a solution of distilled water and talcum powder. It has been noted the improvement in the condition of all the tests carried out.
  2. Study on the subject, Dr. Kayitana, Soma Clinic in Bucharest. The subject has been examined with Metatron in terms of energies of the chakras, the various organs and the observed changes in terms of emotional energy, right/left symmetry and balancing organs. Taking into account the initial state-without administration of Ambrosia, after 2 days of and after a month of administration of this product. The subject felt an improvement in all the areas involved in the research. Study by Dr. Kayitana on topic with the pathological condition (dysfunction in intestinal area). Appliances used were: Bio-Well, QRMA and Metatron, observandu results in an improvement of the immune system and the nervous system.
  3. Study in real time with METATRON-NLS-4027 METAPATHIA CLINICAL Dr. Rashid, Cluj. Subject, 47-year-old patient, smoker, working in a diverse environment with metal powders has accused the State of panic triggered by apneeice moods during sleep. After examination, it was discovered an outbreak of lung with atypia within framed nosologic as bronchial cancer. After treatment with fermented atomized, and pollen was noticed a change at the cellular and tissue level, mitochondrial.

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