Apple Cider vinegar---&-kombuchaIngredients: cider vinegar, Kombucha, maltodextrin

-regulates digestion and bowel, colon, soothes irritations "melting fat" detoxifies the body; has a positive effect on central nervous system tone;
-important source of vitamins and minerals, to be absorbed, which supports the smooth functioning of the body;
-regulates intestinal transit, coleretice and effects colecistochinetice, balonarilor comfort in case of playback;
-stimulates the defense mechanisms and contains natural antioxidants lowers the negative effect of free radicals;
-decrease the intensity of the îmbătranire processes. Improves elimination of toxins from the body, facilitate detoxification of the organism; cholesterol-lowering;
-energy source

Method of administration
1-2cp./day after main meals with a glass of plain water or water Pi on a period of 2-3 months

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