PERIDENT ®, apiculture product combined with herbal extracts. It is part
the Perident benefit of international patent-00972/2013
Clinical studies show that the signs and symptoms of
oral soft tissue inflammation (redness, warmth, pain and heaviness in the
Mastication) and bleeding and Gingival Hyperplasia, were relieved
successfully through the application of naturist. In addition, by using this
product, the period of healing (scarring) was reduced considerably,
proving this is the effectiveness of therapeutic options.

Mouth spray Perident ®
Removes unpleasant smells
of the mouth (halitosis)
freshens breath,
Assist in maintaining healthy
oropharyngeal cavity,
increase endurance
against dental caries.

PERIDENT® spray de gura

Prevents and Igienizeaza

Protection against dental caries, îndeparteazã of the mouth, face unpleasant odours împrospãteazã breath. Hidrateazã and helps to maintain sãnãtãtii cavitãtii oro.

Dental Decay

Increases the resistance of enamel from attack decay

Heal Fast Healing

The literature shows that 80 percent of the population shows the stench of mouth, gingival bleeding and headaches that cause periodontal disease over time.

Petrident ® Spray is a great disinfectant, emollient (aloe), antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal (boswellia, mastic gum, propolis, mint), can be used successfully in VD, gingivitis, faringoamigdalite, thrush, candidiasis, herpes simplex and dental procedures such as cataract extractions are done.


I know for sure that my mother would definitely try-it has a dental work that a more sacaie sometimes and it's 100% a fan of natural remedies and products. My Dentist recommended him after an extraction and working. If you're a fan of more natural alternatives, Perident may be a solution. I even noticed that it sells well at plafar and teleshopping spots at a pretty good price.

MGroundskeeper ASE

I'm glad you did well, and I've used at the recommendation of a friend. Is shown and for scratching on the gums, thrush is a solution from the pharmacy that contains lidocaine numbs and easy place and helps to cure, but is much more expensive and the results are more delayed. I usually use this when I have problems.

CristinaDesigner Web and Multimedia Systems

I am overjoyed that I have seen on the internet, I recommend this product is very good, not only removes the odor, but you maintain oral sanateatea especially if you have problems with bleeding gums.


I've used it myself, it's very good, breath and refresh persist very long, and in the case of tooth decay is effective.

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