ProNatura aims to promote complementary therapies (apifitotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc.) with actual effects, easy to manage through adverse impacts associated with the allopathic treatment of complementary methods, applied by the curanti doctors.

Experience has shown that therapy with natural remedies are very effective if used in prevention in the form of combinations of remedies recipes, superfluous genre together.

To take advantage of the properties of a natural remedy is good to follow the 3 stages of its mandatory: detoxifying and re-balancing treatment-critical metabolic itself. It has been clinically demonstrated necessity to any form of treatment or of an allopathic complementary diet and way of life corresponding to the respective pathology.

Products already on Labs Medica foreign markets, are recognized by the medals obtained in the framework of International cooperation the Geneva 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, Brussels, 1999, 2000, Budapest 2000 and ISO 9002 standards. So far we have registered more than 280 products developed under the aegis of the Medical Academy, in collaboration with the Institute of chemical research and Pharmaceutical Development Bucharest, National Institute for biological sciences, Institute of medicinal plant Research Institute in Fundulea, Novel Marine Research, Institute for Applied Ecology, National Institute of sports medicine, University clinics.

  • 1992

    The company begins its activity with the main objective of ACE Investments activity of importing drugs from Switzerland and Germany.

  • 1994

    And it takes Diagnose Medica birth having as object the activity importing, distributing drugs and human use.

  • 1996

    ACE Investments becomes Laboratories with research Materia Medica and production of vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements.

  • 1997-2003

    Company participated in poetry salon in Geneva, Brussels, Budapest and in the country with over 45 medals.

  • 2001-2002

    It is the first factory built with the production of 250 products.

  • 2006

    It is possible to obtain funding through the SAPARD program through which it acquires 400 families of bees and embellishes the first laboratory of analyses of honey and cold storage space.

  • 2008

    Diagnose and apply a Medica european project through the Ministry of communications and acquires a network of modern computers, broadband Internet access, licenses and electronic signatures.
    Analysis and research laboratory is accredited by RENAR.

  • 2009-2010

    Operates a european project obtaining 4-art laboratories of physico-chemical, microbiological, Dermatology and full equipment for the laboratory.

  • 2015

    Our company has recently won, in collaboration with the National Institute of Research-Development for chemical and petrochemical industries, with the maximum score Sequential phases of processes locking the lateral flow from bio-and (bio) innovative products resulting therefrom-WITNESS BEHAVIOR DURING COURT in a competition for funding for the year 2016, in section G, POC code-A1-1.2.3-G-to 2015.

    Another project, Implementation of biomedical research through the transfer of knowledge to the private sector for the validation of products and services in the fields of medical and health biotechnologies-INTELBIOMED, It was won with a score of 92, in co-operation with the INCD in pathology and Biomedical Sciences "Victor Babes". Through the professionalism that we have proof dam won a place alongside collaborators ICECHIM, european project Conversion of phytogenic food industry's reach by silica-products into value-added products-Convert-Si.

    These two projects demonstrates our dedication recently won face of innovation and putting into practice in the form of innovative products. List Content goes here