SILENE X 30/60 caps

silene x 30 FPSIngredients: Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea)
-excellent adaptogen, stimulating the body's ability to adapt to stress;
-helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate;
-increase the capacity of physical effort and reduces the period of recovery after strenuous efforts, stimulating protein synthesis;
-stimulates cellular energy metabolism;
-increase the capacity of cellular oxygen utilization;
-inhibit the growth of cellular anarhica;
-reduces liver toxicity caused by chemotherapy;
-normalizes blood glucose level;

Method of administration
1 caps. X 2 per day, before meals in the morning and lunch with a glass of water or plain water Pi

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  1. Gallo
    Gallo says:

    I bought several times and noticed that there are two types of wrappers to those with 60 capsules. Can you tell me what is the difference between them? Are different species? Because the smell is different and the effects those with brighter packaging makes me sleepy.

  2. I
    I says:

    what amounts do you have in capsules? If you do not mention anywhere it's clear his facatura we take money for nothing. from there, ate tiu buy perennials but with ashes ... halal company you are!


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