Ethacridine lactate 100 ML x 1%

Ethacridine lactateRIVANOLRivanol (0.1%) - Is part of the dyestuffs is a strong antibacterial agent that acts as an antiseptic, and bactericidal micostatic; acting on the surface of the skin, it is well supported by them; benign skin wounds clean and ensure their sterility, urogenital mucosa, buccal or conjunctival ..

100 ml polyethylene bottle.

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  1. André Walker
    André Walker says:


    IK ben op zoek naar een kleine hoeveelheid (5 gram) Rivanol of Ethacridine lactaat.

    Zaken bij de apotheek gangbare enz. ze kennen dhida stof niet.

    I am hobby microscopist and interested in making crystal photos of all kinds of chemicals.

    You can help me with this would be a few grams to be able to buy from you.

    I should like to hear from you,

    Best regards,

    André Walker.


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