Solutions for a fresh breath

The gases that make up the surrounding air (carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen) are completely devoid of smell, as a consequence of exhaled air must be free from odor. Though the breath arrives to load at times with less pleasant scents. Persistent or fleeting, bad breath can be a real handicap.

All I had such an experience, especially in the morning upon awakening. Statisticele shows that 2 out of 3 adults are affected by this problem.

If the detected problem, will not repeziti to mints and chewing gum. These strategies do nothing but camouflage to cover any medical condition, so it is better to investigated the causes of the problem in order to find the best solution.

gama-peridentIn more than 50% of cases responsible for bad breath is an oral hygiene appliance. Food debris that settle on the teeth, gums and tongue after each meal are decomposed by bacterial plaque in volatile sulfurosi compounds, smelly. The most effective attitude consists in avoiding the multiplication of bacteria:
-try brushing your teeth after every meal
-clean every wash and tongue with tooth brush or with the help of a TSP
-Use dental floss to clean efficiently unloaded
-avoid dryness of the mouth; saliva washes debris and naturally a quantity insufficient favors the imnultirea bacteria
-Avoid alcohol and tobacco which besides the odor that you leave the salivary secretion, reduces
-to avoid dryness of mouth drink a glass of water or chew sugar-free gum.

If you don't have any dental affection, will not like garlic or onion, brushing your teeth correctly and regularly and still have bad breath, what is done? Do not be discouraged!ROYAL BREATH x 25 fps

MEDICA vin LABORATORIES to help you with your product ROYAL BREATH. With a complex composition containing oil of peppermint, parsley and fennel, is a very effective treatment to combat halitosis (bad breath of scent). On the one hand contained active principles stimulates the production of saliva, making a mechanical cleaning of the oral cavity, and on the other hand reduces decomposition processes and fermentation residues. Peppermint oil to freshen your breath away besides the well-known antimicrobial effect.

Perident mouthwash îndepãrteazã face unpleasant smells of the mouth (halitosis) bated breath, împrospãteaza. Help keep sãnãtãtii cavitãtii oro-pharyngeal. Use your mouth water plus a regular brushing reduces the accumulation of bacterial plate, increasing protection against dental caries and enamel consolideazã.

Spray mouth Perident îndeparteazã face unpleasant smells of the mouth (halitosis) bated breath, împrospãteazã. Hidrateazã. Help keep sãnãtãtii cavitãtii oro pharyngeal, increases protection against dental caries.

Perident Plast 10 patches chewable

Now you can say goodbye to unpleasant odours. iarsh-flyer-Spray-de-Gur-perident

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