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non-411Have you ever thought that dietary supplements can help keep you healthy during the summer? Here are three recommendations:

1. L-carnitine, a dietary supplement that helps prevent aging.
Do you like to eat something prepared on the grill? Whether it is about the chicken full of protein, healthy fish with omega 3 or more nesănătoasa red meat dishes, grilled foods removes some compounds that are not exactly healthy. To counteract the negative effect of consumption of meat cooked quickly at high tempraturi, you can call the L-carnitine. The two antioxidants it contains L-carnitine are antioxidant action which ensures the proper functioning of the body, thus preventing the signs of premature aging. L-carnitine is produced in the body and is found in various concentrations in the heart, skin, muscle, stomach and kidneys. L-carnitine lowers the quantity if you have an unbalanced diet, stress, physical and intellectual effort. The age is also a factor for reducing the concentration of L-carnitine.

-L-carnitine is why amino acid transfer fatty acids mobilize after training in the blood at the mitochondria where they are burned for energy;
-Support the creation of energy from fat, reduces cholesterol;
-Is used for the biodegradation of fats, helps in the smooth functioning of the brain and the heart, stimulate physical activities and the energizing and re-vitalize your body;
-It is recommended that extra energy to the athletes, in increasing physical performance and reducing muscle fever;
-Reverse the natural processes of aging and maintain a high general tonus.

If not, ask the pharmacist to order products ProNatura Medica:
Q10 & L-Carnitine
L-carnitine & chrome
L Carnitine Effervescence
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2. Lycopene, a dietary supplement that "WINS" the Sun.
It is no longer a novelty for anyone that you have to protect yourself from the Sun's powerful rays of which can fall ill from cancer. There is a dietary supplement that helps you protect your skin from the inside out: lycopene. This substance is found naturally in tomatoes and helps in the production of propeptide, a molecule that protects the skin. According to a recent British study, people who ate every day 5 tablespoons of tomato paste mixed with 10 g of olive oil for 12 weeks present a risk with 33% less to suffer sunburn. Where not to eat so many tomatoes, 16 mg of lycopene in the form of a dietary supplement should help you out.

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Phyto Lycopene
Grapefruit Seeds

3. Extract of reishi mushroom, an add-on that you energize.
Squeeze us all summer. To revive, Medica ProNatura reishi mushroom extract recommends. It is used by over 4000 years in traditional Asian medicine to treat liver diseases, hypertension, arthritis, etc. Modern studies show that this extract helps to increase insulin levels, which in turn allows the body to use more efficient blood glucose to transform into energy. Furthermore, triterpenoids and anti-inflammatory properties can neutralize certain chemicals that are draining the human energy body.

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Beta Glucani
Ganoderma & Borojo & Noni
Ling Zhi

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