Tea Lumânãricã x 20 doses + 5 sachets free-promotion

tea-candleIngredients: Lumânãrica is a Yahoo with content rich mucilage, saponins, flavonoids, sugars, tannins, resins, essential oil, plant sterols, carotenoids, iridoids. Help keep fluidificând sãnãtãtii the respiratory system and bronchial secretions, helping to eliminate their normal functioning, thus supporting the plãmânilor.
Usage: 1 ceascã/day, in the morning on an empty stomach, 1 hour before breakfast, înghititurã with înghititurã.
Do not administer to people with diarrheal stools because it can cause intestinal spasms!
Preparation: infusion of 1 250 ml water dozã at clocotitã. It covers, leave 10-15 minutes.