5 natural supplements for men

It's been some time since I have written articles like this, only with photo illustrations and details. So without further ADO, I present today a list of 5 of the best natural supplements for men.

1. Acetyl L-Carnitine.
Acetyl-L-carnitine was introduced on the market as a dietary supplement after 1970, when it was discovered the beneficial role in the body, especially for athletes who use it to improve the resistance to effort. It is also used for Down syndrome, cataract, "Diabetes" in the treatment of patients with AIDS (helps relieve muscle weakness caused by some HIV treatments) and facial paralysis.

Some people use acetyl-L-carnitine for "infertility", "male menopause symptoms" (low level of testosteronilor due to aging) and a disease of the penis called Peyronie's disease.

It is an amino acid that helps very much gray matter to rebuild after the stress caused by alcohol and aging. Also those who possess the most of such component, are less depressed. Because it's amino acid, helps burn fat, increase energy and is also a very good antioxidant.
Where luamar? Either from the nutritional supplements that can be found in specialty stores, either naturally from red meat and dairy products. Experts recommend consumption of 1000 mg of acetyl l-carnitine per day.

2. Coenzyme Q-10


Yes, Coenzyme q10, not only help women. There is evidence about the CoQ10 as a powerful energizing cells microcardiace that can offer hope to millions of people affected by certain diseases, especially of cardice congestive heart disease in which the myocardium (muscle tissue of the heart) gradually loses force contractilă, which results in damage to the pump function of the heart. Helps regulate blood pressure elevated, it protects blood vessels and even help to a better burning fat during your workout. The recommended dose is 30-200 mg per day.

Where luamar? Either from specialty stores in the form of capsules/tablets, either from natural environment: meat, fish, eggs and broccoli.

3. Vitamin D.


Vitamin D is a hormone that helps the skeletal system to absorb calcium, so as not to be weakened. Vitamin D also helps reduce the risk of colorectal cancer and prevents myocardial. The recommended dosage is 1000 IU/day.

Where do we take? From specialty stores in the form of tablets, or naturally from the Sun's rays (bronze) and milk.

4. Fish oil.


There isn't much of a secret to anyone: fish oil helps prevent the appearance of any heart disease. We also help prevent colon cancer and prostate and improves cognitive performance. Contains omega 3, DHA and EPA acid acid. Recommended daily dose is 1000 mg of fish oil.

Where luamar? From specialty stores where it is found in the form of soft cell or in the natural surroundings of some fat rich in fish: tuna, salmon or other fish rich in fat.

5. Magnesium.


Lack of magnesium leads to migraines. So besides the fact that help avoid the onset of headaches, magnesium prevents and stroke and diabetes. Recommended daily dose is at least 250 mg of magnesium, besides what we eat naturally.

Where luamar? Specialty stores/pharmacies-where is found in the form of capsules, or naturally from Greens (lettuce, cabbage and other frunzarii), coffee, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and whole grains.

These are the top 5 cam natural supplements that should not be missing from a man's healthy menu. Will follow other 5 essential supplements, in a future article.

Natural products:

l-carnitine x 30 fps Omega 3-6-9 Magneziu-&-vitamina-B6.capsule coenzima_q10_30_cps

Affected the physical warmth of housing

Technological development has allowed man maintaining a temperature of around 23 degrees Celsius in winter, but this affects physical appearance, being the most often reason for skin and hair look unpleasant.

Central heating creates a number of problems in winter over physical appearance.
Chapped lips are a frequent problem that occurs because the skin it covers do not benefit from the natural hydration. Experts say the temperature differences lead to drying of the skin, which is highest, and the use of saliva to moisten the lips is contraindicated, because saliva will cause drying and quicker. The solution is to use an ointment and avoid breaking skin that already started to dry.

Skin appears more wrinkled skin in winter because the environment inside buildings has a high temeratură and humidity low. The higher the temperature inside is bigger, much will dry your skin and will lose its elasticity. Experts advise people who suffer from such problems frequently make use of natural products for skin hydration in winter, when the air inside buildings with central heating is very dry.

Just like summer campsites, excessive cold and windy cold season specific negatively affects the structure of the hair due to the cold, but also the external factors, the hair becomes coarse, dry and damaged and with time it becomes fragile and brittle. The appearance of the hair is different in the winter, even in the case of healthy individuals and a regular process of scalp hair care, and the reason is the same: dry air. Hair is made up of a substance that absorbs or repels humidity according to the surrounding atmosphere, according to experts. From this point of view, a House with central heating is a desert-like, with respect to the effects of indoor air over the hair.

Experts say that during the winter the best solution is the use of hair care products that contain oils, because they will also act as a barrier, keeping the moisture inside the hair shaft. To prevent this you need to give your hair a special care, namely using natural products. Here's what we recommend Dr. Ike Maia:

Kombucha-500 ml vinegar Kombucha vinegar spray hayr kombucha tonicMARIGOLD CREAMARNICA CREAM SEA BUCKTHORN CREAMhair tonic

Forte VAPO inhalant-external solution

Vapo external forces inhalant solutionIngredients: Basil oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, oil of camphor, pine buds, hydroalcoholic extracts from Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), propolis, Sage (Salvia officinalis).
Excellent formula for inhalations. Help in releasing the upper airway. The mucous membranes may reduce discomfort at this level; îmbunãtãteste sinus condition, favorizeazã removal mucozitãtilor.

Administration: 10-15 picãturi/500 ml hot water vapour inhalându-se.

He is keeping in the fridge after opening the bottle. Do not leave out of reach of children. He shall keep away from heat, light and humidity. Shake before use.
Our product is produced and tested according to the standards of quality. Use of preferintã before the end of the expiry date on the package remains limited.

Teeth is affected by food Indian, Italian and Oriental

PizzaChoose your favorite meal can have undesirable effects on the health of a person's teeth from stains and discoloration, tooth pain and degradation of joints pathologies.
Pizzas and pasta dishes are two very popular and almost no danger associated with tooth decay. Countertop pizza and pasta contain, however, in their great majority, refined carbohydrates, which are basically simple sugars image dissolves quickly. This leads to the rapid increase in acidity in the mouth, and when this is combined with the acidity of tomatoes, can lead to weakening the tooth enamel and dental sensitivity to cold and hot, which is never a pleasant thing, being sometimes the first sign concerning the occurrence of caries. The solution is to use a free chewing gums which cause a drooling more intense in order to increase the level of saliva from his mouth, which leads to a decrease in acidity.

pastaEvery adult has created a custom when it comes to eating, even chaotic and irregular tables representing a habit. However, among the foods some people even consume them daily and those who are attacking us, affecting teeth we smile, and good health. These foods affects our tooth enamel or oral pH, thus leading to the formation of patarea teeth, cavities, tartar or the bacterial plaque, which represents the first stage of parodontitis. "

On the other hand, not only tea and coffee are leading to the emergence of stains on teeth, but also eating some foods very rich in pigments. Indian and Chinese food presents this feature because of curry, which over time can lead to yellowing of the teeth, and soy sauce, too, can lead to the emergence of pete. Experts recommend that consumption of certain vegetables like broccoli and spinach before meals with soy sauce or curry, because they would leave a protective film on the surface of the teeth, thus protecting them against staining.

Although it may seem credible, and type of food consumed has an effect on the health of the joints of the mandible. Tough texture of the meat used for the preparation of chebapului is sometimes associated with the emergence of mandibular joint pain. Drinking large amounts of foods that require intense Mastication can mean an overload of mandible and its articulation, which leads to the appearance of discomfort or even pain.


Tea Hepavit x 20 doses + 5 sachets free-promotion

Tea-hepavitIngredients: powder of the leaves of artichoke (Cynara scolymus) anabolically/dozã; powder from milk thistle (Silybum marianum) 300 mg/dozã; powder gãlbenele flowers (Calandula officinalis) 500 mg/dozã. Fitocomplexul tea Hepavit supports the smooth functioning of the liver, liver cell regeneration supporting. Help in the removal of metabolic waste and support the body in periods characterized by a low immunity.
Preparation: infusion of 1-2 doses to 250 ml water clocotitã.

Laxofort pediatric syrup

sirop-laxofort-pediatricIngredients: aqueous extracts of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare); gãlbenele flowers (Calendula officinalis); Apple (Malus domestica), senna leaves (Cassia angustifolia); crusin (Rhamnus frangula); Honey poliflorã; sodium benzoate.
Fitoactiv complex of favorizeazã biliarã, secretion of water and electrolytes secretion and reduces their absorption in the gut, thus supporting the intestinal peristalsis. Honey and Pi bring more minerals and vitamins needed for proper function of the body.

Processing mode:
Children 1-5 years: 1 linguritã x 3/day; children 6-14 years: 2 teaspoons x 3/day; adults: 1 x 3/day spoof, before meals, with a glass of water, to restore
comfort. The first administration to do it in the morning on an empty stomach with a glass of cold water.

Rãcealã and tea producing flu doses 5 x 20 + envelopes free-promotion

Tea-cold-and-flu-cIngredients: seafood mãces powder (Rosa canina) 1100 mg/dozã; scoartã powder of willow (Salix alba) 300 mg/dozã; powder from vehicles parts aerial parts of echinacea (Echinacea purpurea) 100 mg/dozã.
Product soothes discomfort associated stãrilor face unpleasant (febrã, chills, runny nose, sweating, headache, osteo-musculo-neplãceri articulation). Can reduce their occurrence and intensity. Contribute to normal functioning of the immune system.
Preparation: infusion of 1-2 doses at clocotitã 250 ml water. 1-2 cups/day
Protect the environment this packaging recycling petrodollars.
Presentation: Box of 25 doses x 1, 5 g

Prostavital tea x 20 doses + 5 sachets free-promotion

Tea-prostavitalIngredients: powder from vehicles parts of Thorn (Xanthium spinosum) 650 mg/dozã; powder from vehicles parts aerial parts of Pufulitã (Epilobium parviflorum) 550mg/dozã; powder from vehicles parts aerial parts of Pãpãdie (Taraxacum officinale) 200 mg/dozã; powder from roots of the claw
Devil (Harpagophytum procumbens) 100 mg/dozã.
Help in maintaining the prostate sãnãtãtii. Has a positive influence coefficient on the male potency.
Preparation: infusion of 1-2 doses to 250 ml water clocotitã. 1 day ceascã
Notified: Sãnãtãtii; Opinion No. 8/30.10.2001
Presentation: Box of 25 doses x 1, 5 g

Three brothers tea pãtati x 20 doses + 5 sachets free-promotion

three brothers-tea-stainedIngredients: powder from vehicles parts of three brothers pãtati (Viola tricolor) 1500mg/dozã.
Reduces allergic manifestations of cutaneous level and at the level of the upper airway. It is helpful if bronhoconstrictiilor due to allergens.
Preparation: infusion of 1-2 doses at 250 mL boiling water. 2-3 cups/day
Presentation: Box of 25 doses x 1, 5 g

Tea Pãpãdie x 20 doses + 5 sachets free-promotion

Dandelion tea,Ingredients: powder from vehicles parts aerial parts of pãpãdie (Taraxacum officinale) 1500mg/dozã.
Product amplificã removing water from the urinary level (without loss of potassium) favouring the Elimination of metabolic waste of the body and prevents the formation of microcalculi frequent urinations. Favorizeazã-level production digestive and elimination of bile leads to a normalisation of bowel habits and stop the evolution microcalulilor bile. The two effects are beneficial to reshape the silhouette.
Preparation: infusion of 1-2 doses to 250 ml water clocotitã. 3-4 cups/day
Presentation: Box of 25 doses x 1, 5 g