Herbal remedy for high blood pressure

Interesting-facts-about-High-blood-Pressure-or-HypertensionTensiunea arterială crescută este o afecţiune frecventă în care sângele exercită o presiune exagerată asupra pereţilor arteriali, ceea ce poate duce la complicaţii precum boli cardiace, accidente vasculare cerebrale şi insuficienţă renală.

Aproximativ 3 din 10 persoane trăiesc cu hipertensiune arterială, ceea ce înseamnă că la nivel mondial există aproape 1,8 miliarde de hipertensivi. Din nefericire, aproape 50% din aceştia nu ştiu că au tensiune arterială crescută.

Mai mult, cifrele arată că o treime din populaţia hipertensivă este predispusă la boli de inimă, stroke-cerebralchronic kidney disease, and even sudden death.

The good news is that high blood pressure can be detected through a simple strain, gesture that doesn't last more than a few minutes. Also, another good news is that high blood pressure can be prevented and controlled, with a series of recommendations whose kernel is the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

Treatment of primary prevention in hypertension starts when we are born, which means that in childhood and adolescence we have to create a series of good habits, such as to have an active life, to make the move to not only stand in front the tv or the computer, try to eat as healthy, and less salt.

Manifestations are diverse: headachesometimes more important, dizziness, vajaieli ears, epistaxis, dead finger, the appearance of bright or black dots in the field of vision.

In numeroase cazuri, chiar la valori mari ale tensiunii bolnavii nu au nici o tulburare subiectiva; aceeasi lipsa de tulburari poate fi constatata in fazele de inceput ale hipertensiunii arteriale ( HTA) esentiale. Evolutia bolii este benigna in multe cazuri, in special cand cresterile presiunii maxime si minime sunt moderate. Insa chiar si in aceste cazuri, daca HTA esentiala nu este tratata corect, pot aparea simptomele localizarilor atherosclerosis (inima, creier, rinichi).

Recomandari :Ceai Cardiovasc,Seminte de in, Normotensiv, Ginkgbiloba & Ginseng & Acerola.

cardiovasc x 30 fps Flaxseed x 30 FPS normotensivCardiovasc TEA X 20 DOSESginkgo_biloba_ginseng_acerola1

Massage cream with Seabuckthorn oil x 500 g

Seabuckthorn oil massage creamIngredients: water (aqua); ethylhexyl palmitate; dimetichone; sodium poliacrylate; Glycerin; Sea buckthorn oil (Hippophae rhamnoides Oil); Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate); phenoxyethanol; ethylhexylglycerin.


Massage cream with seabuckthorn oil, light-textured image is rapidly absorbed, vitaminizantă, îmbunătăteste visible skin appearance. Protejearea is designed for solar radiation. Strong emollient, skin offers a fresh and healthy appearance.

Usage: For body massage. The cream is applied externally to the skin clean and without injuries. It easy and slowly massage them, up to the total absorption into the skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Contains no dyes. Spalaţivă hands after application.

PASSIFLORA x 30/60/200 CPS

Passiflora x 30 fpsIngredients: Passion flower (Passiflora incarnata)
-for an optimal relaxation, a peaceful sleep and healthy;
-displaces States worried.

Method of administration
1cps x 3/day before the main meals, with a glass of water or plain water Pi.