The cold and the first snowflakes

images (1)Frigul este considerat, in opinia populara, o cauza principala a imbolnavirii de raceala si gripa. Frigul antreneaza maladiile respiratorii si cardiovasculare. Din popor se spune ca frigul reduce microbii, asa ca prin urmare aerul devine mai sanatos. Insa cu toate acestea, frigul reduce rezistenta la infectii, favorizează bolile respiatorii (răceală, gripă), cardiovasculare (măreşte vâscozi­tatea sângelui şi favorizează formarea de cheaguri), contractând vasele. Frigul usucă pielea şi poate duce la degerături. De aceea pentru a preveni neplacerile cauzate de frigul de afara, Medica Laboratories va ofera o gama de produse, cu un spectru larg de actiuni.


Solutie marina filtrata microbiologic cu echinaceea ce actioneazaz pozitiv asupra mucoasei nazale, umezind-o. Indeparteaza mecanic alergenii, crescand imunitatea locala si fluidificand mucozitatile.

How to use nasal lavage is:
– copii (1 doza in fiecare nara de 3 ori/zi );
– adultilor (2-3 doze in fiecare nara de 3 ori/zi);

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Bon appetit x 100 ml syrup

Bon appetit x 100 ml syrupIngredients: Ingredients: rosehip fruit (Cynosbatti), Sea buckthorn fruit (fructus Hippophae), beta carotene, Royal Jelly, pollen, persimmon, red ginger, calcium lactic polyflower, Pi water, sodium benzoate.

Increase appetite, stimulating, tonic, fortified, remineralizing.

Hawthorn fruit, Sea buckthorn and persimmon Red they are rich in vitamins and minerals and antioxidant substances. All this phytocomplex stimulates metabolic processes and food appetites, and along with amino acids, proteins and hormonal precursors from Royal Jelly and pollen contribute to the harmonious development of the child and the proper functioning of its body. Lactic calcium is involved in regulating metabolic enzymes; supports the harmonious development of the skeletal system and dentition. Beta carotene It is a precursor to vitamin A, and liver function. Honey It is considered the ideal food for all age ranges. It contains both important factors and nutritional substances with antibacterial effect. Pi used to obtain a syrup is purified water and easy-to-favouring detoxify the body and help the body load with positive energy.

The product stimulates the appetite and increases the body's resistance against pathogens.

Method of administration
Children 1-3 years 1/3 teaspoon (1 ml) x 3 per day, before meals.
Children 3-7 years 1 teaspoon (5 ml) x 3 per day, before meals.
Children 7-14 years 1lingură x 3 per day, before meals.

Dr. Ionut Moraru proposes associating the product with other natural products:

  1. stimulation of appetite: Ginger;
  2. subcutaneous: Imunoroyal junior® /Imunofort®;
  3. Tonic: Complex BioSuperActiv;
  4. fortified and remineralizing: Royal Jelly Syrup & Calcium vitamin C panorama II.


Diafort X 20 DOSES of TEAIngredients: Bitter cucumber (Momordica charantia); Sheaths of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris); Ginseng (Panax ginseng)
-tonic and adaptogen;

Method of administration
infusion from 1-2 to 250 ml water doses. 1-2 cups/day