Tribulus is a plant used for centuries in Greece, India and Africa to increase fertility and rejuvenate the body. Studies have shown that although contains no hormones, Tribulus Terrestris increases testosterone levels, leading to the production of luteinizing hormone. When luteinizing hormone is increased, it increases the production of testosterone in the body. Decreases the level of cortisol (catabolic hormone) in the body and induce an anabolic state, which results in an increase in muscle mass semnificatiza pure.

Tribulus Terrestris in combination with a specific diet bodybuilders, brings with each capsule:
- increase muscle mass and density;
- significant increase in strength;
- increase the body's natural testosterone;
- increase the rate of absorption (anabolism) protein;
- increase libido and can be considered a natural aphrodisiac;
- does not convert to estrogen;
- no adverse effects on the liver and no other side effects associated with synthetic steroids.

WAY OF USSAGE1 capsule 1-3 times per day before meals. It has a powerful effect of increasing the level of luteinizing hormone, the hormone responsible for stimulating the production of natural testosterone without the side effects of synthetic steroids.

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