Respiratory virus-treated with natural products

Respiratory virus infectioasă is a disease of Viral upper respiratory which affect in particular the nasal area. It is also known under the name of nasopharyngitis, acute coryza (acute rhinitis or catarrh) usually occur in development of children between the age of 6 and 10 years, can make even 10-12 rãceli per year. Instead rãcesc 2-4 cam adults twice a year, but large variations in each category. Women between the age of 20 and 30 years rãcesc more often than bãrbatii of the same age. Most of us believe that the cold weather is the main factor for triggering virozelor. Various studies have shown that such circumstances but negligible appearance influenteazã rãcelii. Susceptibility to rãcealã increase in case of prolonged stress, allergic diseases that affects the lining of the nazalã and the presence of nasal polyps. Symptoms usually start rãcelii 2-3 days after infection and element at work through:common cold vitamin c

  • clogging nose
  • leakage of runny nose
  • difficult breathing through your nose
  • strãnut
  • neck pain or its înrosirea
  • headaches and febrã.

Development shall be transmitted through contact with infected respiratory secretions skin or inhalation înconjurãtoare objects, from a sick, transmission is found under grădinitelor or schools, because this many kids with low immunity, which have a poor hygiene. Through them, these infections are passed on to the home, then other members of the family. Money laundering prevention and treatment of hands is the most simple and most effective method of removing most of the viruses. Some viruses can survive up to three hours outside the body, object, money laundering of these surfaces with the desinfection prevents transmission of the infection. For uncomplicated cases, you only need symptomatic treatment: bed rest, increased fluid intake. For an efficient treatment is recommended as many liquids (about 2 l per day: water, natural juices), vitamin C, Echinacea, Phyto immuno junior, cold and flu tea, immuno fort, broncholizin, nazomer forte. COLDS-FLU-and-30-fps-300x134 tea-ginger-c-20 doses VIT-C-RASPBERRY broncholizin-x-30 caps

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