Vitamin C 1000 mg with maces acerola-Grapefruit/& Raspberry/Lemon/Orange x 60/100hp


-powders of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 900mg;
-seafood mãces powder (Rosa canina) 50 mg;
-powder from acerola (Malpighia glabra) 50 mg;
aromã-Raspberry/Grapefruit/Lemon/Orange 20 mg;
-celulozã microcristalinã and corn starch (charging agents), vegetable magnesium stearate and colloidal silicon dioxide (agents antiaglomeranti).

Vitamin C antioxidant role what fulfills mãreste body strength towards oxidative stress. Favorizeazã natural body defense and support in States characterized by a scazutã immunity. Can reduce the intensity of the degenerative processes associated with ageing. The flavor of the Lemon Raspberry/Grapefruit/Orange/what makes them extra flavor.

1 cp/day after the tablet with a glass of water, Pi water bill, or a period of 3 months.

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  1. Mihai.
    Mihai. says:

    These capsules tablets are very large, porous and difficult to swallow.
    It is the first time I s impossible to swallow some pills. I managed to get the inec 2 times because of them.
    I want my money back!

      • Ana
        Ana says:

        Este posibil sa fie si dizolvate in apa?? Si de ce nu este specificata aceasta informatie pe produs? Este imposibil de inghitit.

          • Dafoe
            Dafoe says:

            We are in March 2018 and even now I do not write on the label of the product as it is chewable.
            And synthetic ascorbic acid is from what I understand and the company is called ProNatura.

          • ProNatura
            ProNatura says:

            Ascorbic acid is an organic acid with antioxidant properties. Appears in the form of a powder or Crystal white to pale yellow. It is soluble in water. Enantiomerul L of ascorbic acid is known as common as vitamin c. 1937 Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded to Walter Haworth for his work in determining the structure of ascorbic acid (shared with Paul Karrer, who received his award for work on vitamins), and the prize for Physiology or medicine, in the same year, it was Albert Szent-Györgyi for his studies of the biological functions of L-ascorbic acid.

  2. Lai
    Lai says:

    Hello, I see that the composition of n and măceșele acetylsalicylic are in proportion small girl f ascorbic acid in the lab. Why?

    • ProNatura
      ProNatura says:

      From what I see I do not write acetilsalicilica to be produced, right?
      Rosehip is smaller in front of vit C (ascorbic acid) for failing to ensure a constant content of ascorbic acid in composition.

  3. Castillo
    Castillo says:

    Ascorbic acid is extremely sour. I have only bought from a company renowned for bodybuilders and couldn t to keep dust in the mouth 2 seconds source what it was. Now you have to buy from Romania for a period and got to your product that I would buy, but I do not understand why are chewable. Would not have how to be bearable. The product has quality certification?


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