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The Alzheimer's Action Plan

Is it really Alzheimer’s? How to find out and intervene early to maintain the highest quality of life
“Most of us will either get Alzheimer’s or care for a loved one who has. This action plan can empower you to make a difference.”—Mehmet C. Oz, M.D.
What would you do if your mother was having memory problems?
Alzheimer’s is a disease affecting more than five million Americans, with a new diagnosis being made every seventy-two seconds. Millions more are worried or at risk due to mild memory loss or family history. Although experts agree that early diagnosis and treatment are essential, many people with memory loss and their families—and even their doctors—don’t know where to turn for authoritative, state-of-the-art advice and answers to all of their questions.
Now, combining the insights of a world-class physician and an award-winning social worker, this groundbreaking book tells you everything you need to know, including:
The best tests to determine if this is—or is not—Alzheimer’s disease
The most (and least) effective medical treatments
Coping with behavioral and emotional changes through the early and middle stages
Gaining access to the latest clinical trials
Understanding the future of Alzheimer’s
Clear, compassionate, and empowering, The Alzheimer’s Action Plan is the first book that anyone dealing with mild memory loss or early Alzheimer’s must-read in order to preserve the highest possible quality of life for as long as possible.

One thought on “The Alzheimer's Action Plan

  1. Jessie says:

    My Alzheimer’s is behind me!a0 I filnlay, filnlay, found the bag of art supplies I have been lookinga0for now, for several weeks.a0a0Were they in some obscure place?a0a0Nope.a0 They were in a Dillard’sa0bag, in the front closet- the closet I have checked at least 20 times before.a0 Don’t know why Ia0never found them before, or howa0I missed them, but I was very happy when I came across them yesterday.a0 I think what threw me was the Dillard’s bag.a0 Ia0hardly evera0shop at Dillard’s.a0 Ia0can’t say when the last timea0I was there.a0 I don’t know wherea0the bag even came from, so Ia0think when I saw it, I figured it was something really, really, old in there- like clothes that need to be donateda0or something like that, and I just skipped right over it.a0 Now we’ll see if we get another snowy day, in which the boys could actually use the supplies before next winter.a0a0

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